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8.5 Reasons You Will Love Backpacking in Egypt

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When you think of cheap, budget travel destinations a few ideas might spring to mind. India, Vietnam, Eastern Europe; but have you considered Egypt? Backpacking in Egypt won’t break the bank (even an all-inclusive can be a bargain), is packed with amazing experiences and you will be blown away by the stunning landmarks in Egypt. Even if you are just planning a full-blown Nile Cruise holiday, you’ll be surprised at how much things cost in Egypt. Read on to discover the 8.5 reasons you will love backpacking in Egypt.

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8.5 Reasons You Will LOVE Backpacking in Egypt

The Exchange Rate is Exceedingly Favourable

Egypt has always been a reasonably cheap option for travellers with plenty of options for all budgets. In late 2016, Egypt un-pegged the Egyptian Pound from the US Dollar to avert a huge financial crisis. This resulted in a crash in the value of around 50%.

The new exchange rate is great news for travellers from around the world, as your money will stretch twice as far. These days 100LE (Egyptian pounds) is worth around £4.20, $5.50, €4.80

So what does that mean in practice?

You Can Find Great Cheap Accommodation in Egypt

Where in world can you get a dorm bed for just 60LE (£2.50), or a private for 120LE (£5)? Egypt! I think you’d be hard-pressed to find it in many countries that are so easy to travel around A dorm bed will cost you twice as much in Thailand.

Our hostel in Luxor had a nice roof terrace that served breakfast in the morning and turned into a coffee shop in the early evening.

Even an all-inclusive hotel in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el Shiekh only set us back 470LE (£20) per person per night! That included food all day, and alcoholic drinks between 10:00 – 00:00. It is a great deal.

This pool was a real relief in the 40 degree heat.

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You Can Eat Delicious Food on a Budget

What can you get for 19LE? Two packets of crisps, two soft drinks and a chocolate bar from a street stall, right opposite the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

What can you get for 75LE? A plate of falafels, bread, pickles and a tahini dip, plus a soft drink in a small cafe right in Luxor’s tourist zone.

What can you get for 166LE? Four mezze dishes and a main meal, plus four fresh blended smoothies at a top-rated tourist hangout in Luxor.

Baba ganoush, hummus and yummy pastries!

What can you get for 175LE? A large pizza and a litre of fizzy pop in a gloriously air-conditioned Pizza Hut overlooking the Pyramids and Sphinx of Giza. OK, so this wasn’t a complete bargain but that would have been twice the price at home. It goes to show that even the more globalised products are good value in Egypt.

Public Transport is Super Cheap

Getting from the centre of Luxor to the Karnak temple complex, 2.5 kilometres up the road, cost us just 1.5 Egyptian Pounds each. That is a grand total of £0.13. We caught share taxis everywhere we could during our time in Luxor.

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Private Transport is Surprisingly Cheap

Can you believe, an Uber from central Cairo, all the way out to the airport cost just 96LE! It is great value, removes all need for haggling and the cars are all much newer, and nicer, than Cairo’s old white taxis.

Even Backpackers in Egypt Can Afford Small Luxuries

Whilst in Luxor, we had a budget hostel room. However, we decided we would treat ourselves. The Steigenberger Nile Palace Hotel, a five star resort on the banks of the Nile, let us use the pool for just 100LE each!

You can also treat yourself to a caleche (horse and carriage) ride around the centre of Luxor. An hours trot is just 25LE. What a lovely way to treat a loved one, without breaking the bank.

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Tourist Numbers are Really Down

Egypt’s stunning attractions are not heaving. They are not even busy. They are nearly empty. Come early in the morning, or in the afternoon and you can have phenomenal sights almost to yourself.

There has been some seriously damaging news about Egypt in the past few years. People think that it is unsafe. I’m not going to gloss over it, some of Egypt is still off-limits. You shouldn’t travel into the Sinai Desert, and flying in and out of Sharm el Sheikh is still labelled as trave with caution. However, everywhere you would want to visit; Hurghada, Luxor, Aswan, Cairo…the whole Nile in fact, is completely fine. There are no restrictions put down by the Foreign Commonwealth Office in the areas listed above, and we felt completely safe throughout our entire trip. People are still happy to travel to Paris, Barcelona, and London, other places affected by terrorism.

You can’t see Egyptian pyramids in Dubai, or New York (although there is one obelisk from the Karnak temple in Central Park). These beautiful temples and mysterious tombs are in situ and can only be seen in person.

The low tourist numbers also means that people are quite glad to see you. You have both great bargaining power, and the power to change someone’s day. For example, hiring a guide at the temple you are visiting, means you are putting money into the local economy and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.


Egypt’s World Class Tourist Sites are Cheap…

….in comparison. You can enter the Pyramids of Giza (the only remaining ancient wonder of the world no less) for under £3.50. Now compare that to:

Egypt really is most excellent value!

And what is that pesky 0.5 point!?

8.5.) Egypt’s World Class Tourist Sites are Super Cheap…and Student Discount Can Make Things Even Cheaper

Are you a student? Do you hold an International Student Identity Card? Then your trip is about to get even cheaper! Most of the sights have 30%-50% off for you lucky folks. Don’t have an ISIC card? Never fear, there is a roaring trade in creating them in Luxor. Just tell your hostel owner that you’d like one, and they can take you to an office to get one (shhhhhh!)

Queen Hatshepsut Temple
Queen Hatshepsut Temple

Why We Loved backpacking in Egypt

Egypt is a wonderful holiday destination. From cheap scuba diving in the Red Sea (some of the best dives sites in the world) to a huge collection of fascinating monuments, there is SO much to see and do. The weather is warm year round so it is a lovely reliably sunny holiday with a guaranteed dollop of culture. Budget airlines fly to Hurghada, and EgyptAir has bargain flights around the country.

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Final Thoughts on Backpacking in Egypt

We spent 9 days backpacking in Egypt in came home with money in our pockets; a first. Put backpacking Egypt on your bucket list and please feel free to share this with your friends. You never know, you may inspire them to go and spend just some of their hard-earned pennies on a real Egyptian adventure.

Rosie xx

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25 thoughts on “8.5 Reasons You Will Love Backpacking in Egypt

  1. Michalrobbin says:

    Thanks for sharing amazing egypt travel blog

  2. Anwesha Guha says:

    Oh, Egypt is on my bucket list from my childhood. Many have a misconception that people need lot of money to travel around, and these tips are great!

    1. Thanks Anwesha! Its great to know they are helping travellers 🙂

  3. Kristin says:

    I have always wanted to go to Egypt, and it seems like now is the perfect time! How amazing that you get to see so many ancient wonders at such a great price.

  4. Ketki says:

    I love such short and to the point listicle which convince me to go to budget places. How many days trip will you recommend in Egypt?

    1. Flying Fluskey says:

      I spent 9 days (including travelling days) which was perfect for a Red Sea resort, Luxor and Cairo. I would add on another 5 to take a nile cruise down to Aswan to really get stuck in.

  5. It’s true, I think a lot of people are still very hesitant to visit Egypt and that’s such a pity. It’s great to know how inexpensive a trip there can be. I’ve been hoping to go for a while.

    1. 2018 could be the year!

  6. jin says:

    No need to give me reasons, lol, I’ve actually been trying to get to Egypt, like, forevers! Somehow the country has eluded me these past 10 years. It’s actually the flights getting to Egypt that are slightly expensive for me. I hope to stumble upon some reasonably priced tickets soon so I can finally go to there!

    1. Flying Fluskey says:

      I had the same dilemma, expensive flights. I set up a price alert once I decided to bite the bullet and waited a few weeks. The price dropped by a third so I jumped straight on it! Nothing like telling everyone you’re going somewhere to force you into it lol

  7. Mattea says:

    Love this! I went to Sharm to dive a few years ago and loved it, the sea is sooo clear! Your photos really make me wish I had visited the pyramids though

    1. The sea was seriously stunning! We spent a day diving too and I don’t think I’ve seen visibility like it.

  8. Mitali says:

    Getting clicked in front of those pyramids have always been my dream. waiting waiting and waiting…

  9. It was genuinely brilliant

  10. Akvile Stan says:

    Never been to Egypt myself but feel that these tips might make me change my mind!

  11. Pooja says:

    Got all nostalgic reading your post. I visited Egypt about 10 years ago and can’t begin to tell you how much I loved it. Been wanting to go back, but like most others I also worry about the “safety” factor. Your post makes me want to plan a trip soon :).

    1. Many of my friends said “be careful” to me. I just had remind them that I live in London and we have had much more trouble recently than Egypt!

  12. Dani says:

    This was an amazing read! Thanks so much for sharing! Egypt has been at the top of my bucket list for I don’t know how long. I’m currently backpacking solo and want to visit Egypt next but am nervous because everyone warns me about being a solo female in Egypt… what are you thoughts on solo travel in places like Cairo?

    1. I was with a guy and so I probably didn’t experience half of the hassle a solo traveller would, but at no point did I feel threatened. I think that the normal paranoid safety rules helps (telling your hostel where you are going, making friends in the hostel, going on organised tours and they have uber in Cairo now). I think I’d give it a go.

  13. Dannielle says:

    I didn’t have a great experience as a solo female traveller in Egypt BUT I’m still really glad I went. Agreed, it should be on everyone’s list – but please do be careful if you go alone. I was warned so many times but it still didn’t prepare me!

    1. Sorry to hear that you had a bad time, but good on you for giving it a go! I think that a little bravery and a lot of passion for travel can inspire you to see some amazing things.

  14. Naomi Kilby says:

    I feel another holiday brewing… 😁

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