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Vibrant Varanasi

Writing about vibrant Varanasi has been surprisingly difficult. My memories of this extraordinary place were so jumbled, more a feeling than a narrative. After struggling with this concept, I decided that Varanasi, with its colourful collage of life and confusing lanes, is the inspiration for the structure of this piece. Let’s call it a maze of… Continue reading Vibrant Varanasi

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Aix-En-Provence, France – Brie, Baguettes and Beer

ARRIVING IN AIX-EN-PROVENCE Marseilles Provence airport, Marseilles and Aix-En- Provence form a triangle on the map. The airport is roughly 25km from each of the towns. It has been cited as one of those mislabelled small airports that low cost airlines use, named after big cities, but it was perfect for our to visit Aix-En-Provence (hereafter… Continue reading Aix-En-Provence, France – Brie, Baguettes and Beer