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Sweet Treats you Must Try in New York, USA

The best thing about New York, is the walking (stick with me here). Walking from sight to sight, you pound out mile after mile and this means, you can indulge in sweet treats relatively guilt free. (If you don’t have a sweet tooth, check out my list of savoury treats here). Where should you go… Continue reading Sweet Treats you Must Try in New York, USA

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2017 – The Plan

In a change to our regularly scheduled programming: our plan for 2017. 2016 was a BIG year. Ignoring everything else that happened, Karl and I finally got married after ten years together. It took  up most of my time, most of my thoughts and most of our holiday days. This year, I am dragging us… Continue reading 2017 – The Plan

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An Apple A Day – New York, New Travel Buddy and New Horizons

The Pitch After working the summer of 2007 as an ice-cream girl at Hamleys toy shop, I needed a holiday. Karl and I had a week booked off but hadn’t decided where we should go. We sat on my bed on the Friday afternoon and worked our way through the last minute deals on all the… Continue reading An Apple A Day – New York, New Travel Buddy and New Horizons

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A Day Trip To Canada

(My frustration with having no photographs from this trip continues….) Not content with a week in New York, my parents and I headed North West to Niagara, to see the mighty Niagra Falls. The Train There Descending into the dark underbelly of Penn Station and boarding the train for the long journey wasn’t quite the novelty… Continue reading A Day Trip To Canada

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New York, USA – The First Bite

In 2001, events in New York City shocked the world. Arriving home from school, it took me a strangely long time for it to sink in.  I couldn’t believe the pictures I was seeing on the TV were not just film scenes. My Step-Dad Jonathan’s best friend Colin was living and working in New York at the… Continue reading New York, USA – The First Bite