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Our Trans-Siberian Epic Fail

“I want to be at the station by 2:30”. Mr Fluskey looked at me with exasperation, “The Trans-Siberian train doesn’t go until 3:55”! Well, it is better to be safe than sorry though right!? “If we miss this train, there isn’t another one for a week”, I quipped. Thus, our Tran-Siberian epic fail began. I… Continue reading Our Trans-Siberian Epic Fail

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Riding the Rails – The Joys of Train Travel

Taking to the tracks is such a joy. I know that we are Flying Fluskeys, and flying also makes me a happy girl, but there is something special about a train journey. (I don’t mean my morning commute). People say romantic, honestly, I’m not sure I could call it that, but it is kinda special.… Continue reading Riding the Rails – The Joys of Train Travel