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Great Christmas Gifts For Travel Addicts – 2017

Are you struggling to get your Christmas shopping done? Do you know someone who loves to travel? Don’t know what gifts to get them? Then this guide is for you!

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Stocking Fillers – Gifts Under £5

Safeinu Folding Water Bottle – £1.78
Not only will this save space in a handbag or backpack but it will save serious pennies whilst on the road. Fill it with water at the beginning of the day and the more one drinks, the smaller it gets. It also means it can squeeze into strange spaces that bottles would never fit.

Act Universal 3 in 1 Mobile Phone Camera Lens Kit – £3.95
Do you know someone who loves to Instagram? Is there a budding David Bailey in your family? Help them take better pictures on their phone with this nifty little kit. There are three lenses, a fish eye lens, a macro lens and super-wide lens. This allows a variety of different effects that will keep happy snappers entertained. There are lots of versions of these but I love this one for it’s vintage styling.
Sunyounger 6 Way Headphone Splitter – £3.90
Not only does this look like a festive snowflake, but it allows you to plug in five sets of headphones to the same audio feed. My friends laughed at mine when they saw it, but when we all wanted to watch an iPad film at the same time on a coach journey, the smirks were quickly replaced with impressed nods! It also means that if one of the ports breaks, there are several others to choose from.
Losmile 3D Eye Mask – £3.99
Having a great eye mask makes a huge difference to those that need to shut out the light. The soft moulded 3D shape takes pressure off the eyes to aid a restful sleep. Ideal for people who fly a lot, stay in dorms or just sleep lightly, this is an excellent and cheap gift idea.
Allun Bluetooth Remote – £3.99

Forget selfie sticks, they are so over! It is all about remote controls now. These handy little pocket gadgets allow you to set up a shot and then position yourself in it, before hitting the shutter button. No more running and sliding into the photo at the last second as the timer counts down, no more wonky arms gripping big black poles. This will improve the photo game of your recipient forever.

Secret Santas – Gifts Under £15

We all know how irritating the liquids restrictions can be, trying to cram all those teeny tiny bottles into one little plastic bag can be tough when you have a longer trip. These solid fragrances don’t have to fit in that bag, they can go separately in hand luggage. Your secret Santa can smell great wherever they are in the world. Plus, they go a lot further than a normal spray so they will last a good, long time.
The ultimate multi functional beach throw. This can also be used as a towel, a wrap, a sarong and at home, it looks pretty cool on the wall. It’s large enough to share or cover you up if the sun gets too much.
There are several designs of these round beach throws but this one is really eye-catching for its bright colours and fun quote. You couldn’t fail to get into the seaside spirit lying on one of these.

If your travel addict is stuck at home due to work/illness/commitments you can still help them dream with this wonderful book. Lonely Planet has voted on the World’s 500 most bucket list worthy experiences and locations. It is a great jumping off point for planning a holiday, or just as a fun coffee table book full of beautiful photographs.

Backpacker: The Ultimate Travel Game – £9.99
This game is addictive! Start learning it on Christmas Day and you may not put it down again until the new year kicks in. It is a card game for 2-6 people and has differing layers of difficultly so you can play as a novice or an expert.
Players travel the globe meeting other people, seeing new countries and negotiating their way through the highs and lows of travel. On a trip to Borneo, a six hour wait in an airport that could have been excruciating flew by in a flurry of backpacker cards. It is a great addition to any travellers bag.

Your Nearest and Dearest – Gifts Under £50

Have you ever gazed wistfully forward and seen the fancy cocktails that are being served in first class? It is time to beat them at their own game. This gorgeous little tin contains everything you need to turn an on board whiskey into the perfect old fashioned; cane sugar, bitters and a special spoon accompany the recipe card. You can also get kits for a Moscow Mule or Gin and Tonic but I think this one is the most fun.
Save the world, one less plastic bottle at a time. The SHO is the ultimate in travel bottles. It will keep hot things hot for 12 hours and cold things cold for a whopping 24!
No need to worry about being out all day in the heat or cold anymore as the double wall will have you covered. A lifetime guarantee means that your present will last them well after the tinsel has come down.
Plus, don’t they look fab!

What do all travellers enjoy? A tiny little brag. This allows the traveller in your life to mark off the places they have been by scratching off the gold foil. I have three of these and I love them.Anker PowerCore 10,000mAh Power Bank – £20.00

As our bags are full of ever-demanding electrical devices, an external battery charger becomes more and more important. This is the make and model that I carry with me on a day to day basis and it has stood the test of time. It is small, light and can happily charge my iPhone four or five times. This power bank allows fast charging so it can get devices going quicker. It comes in black, white or a festive red colour. This is a perfect, practical gift for anyone who is always on the go.Mu International Travel Plug – £34.95

This is a great little space saver that I use myself. I got really tired of chunky adaptor plugs, and I have never been a fan of worldwide plugs. They are dreadfully bulky and weigh a ton! This plug has British, US and European adaptors and packs flat so it slips into an electricals organiser brilliantly. It’s only 1.4cm thick and has two USB slots. They do have versions with just one but these days, there is just so many devices to charge, that it would be worth spending the extra on this model.

I have long been a fan of the Steripen, it was the only thing of its kind when I went away, but when researching this post, I found this water bottle that takes it a step further.
This BPA-free water bottle has a UV light inside that can kill 99.99999% of bacteria which leaves the water inside safe to drink. This means drinking the tap water anywhere in the world without getting ill. That saves plastic bottle waste, money and days lost to illness on the road (or worse).
Not only will the person you’re giving this to benefit, but Lifestraw also have a wonderful scheme. For every bottle bought, they make sure a child in Africa gets a clean supply of water for a whole year! That’s two amazing gifts in one.

For a Super Someone – Gifts Over £50

Oh how I love the Litehaul 38L bags! I literally can’t tell you how much. If you know someone who loves weekend breaks, or just likes to pack light, then this is the bag for them.
You can fit a full 38L of gear in this bag that can be carried as suitcase, a messenger bag or a backpack. Unusually for bags of this type, it has a great hip belt which means you will never struggle even if it is stuffed with heavy items. It’s black facade means it is great for business travel as well as backpacking.
At the moment it is reduced to under £100 so it is an even better bargain than normal.
I’m going to stop now because I could go on about this bag ALL DAY!
Horizn Studios Smart Carry On Suitcase – £299.00

Not just smart in appearance, this suitcase is full of fabulous ideas. It features a removable 10,000 mAh charger with a cable that charges both lightning and micro USB devices. The outside is made of top quality polycarbonate, and attached to that are four silent spinner wheels. It makes a superb gift for the business traveller or for those that like to keep their luggage to a top notch minimum.

 Spectacles by Snap – £129.99

These are a super cute and fun addition to any insta-addict’s photography arsenal.

Hidden in these cool glasses is a camera so you can capture great POV videos completely hands-free. Film 10, 20, 30… seconds and share the videos on Snapchat or save them to a phone’s camera roll.GoPro HERO 6 Camera – £477.41

Waterproof to 10m, even without a housing, and hardy enough to cope with extremes of temperature, the latest in the GoPro line up is a must have for all seekers of adventure.
In this teeny tiny box, you will get an incredibly powerful little camcorder. It can take 4K video with advance image stabilisation and 12MP photos. The files will transfer at 3x times the speed of its predecessor. If you know anyone who dives, skis, bikes, runs, sails….anything really, they will LOVE this!

I thought I would end with the present I have asked Father Christmas for (I wonder, if he will read this). My old point and shoot is dying a slow Sony death, and so it is time for an upgrade. This bridge camera looks almost as good as the pictures it takes.
This camera snaps 16MP pictures and can film in 4K. The touch screen flips up to allow for perfect selfies or vlogging. Files can be accessed and transferred wirelessly so they go from camera to Instagram in one easy step…sigh.

And Finally

There are some things that travellers like to buy for themselves, and so here are two ideas to avoid:
  • Travel Pillows – We have tried and tested many that are now consigned to the bottom of the travel box. Let us waste our own money on these failed experiments.
  • Wireless Headphones – Yes they are cool but the batteries run out and you can’t connect them on aeroplanes so they really aren’t great for long-haul travel.
Have a very merry Christmas everyone!

And remember, this article contains affiliate links so by purchasing items through these links, Flying Fluskey will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

Rosie xx
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7 thoughts on “Great Christmas Gifts For Travel Addicts – 2017

  1. Love your Christmas list, I will have one of each! The camera lens for your phone are a great idea and the suitcase with the usb charger would be so handy! Also, the Lifestraw water bottle will be on my list for up coming travels.

  2. Dear Santa, I’d really love to have Act Universal 3 in 1 Mobile Phone Camera Lens Kit as my christmas gift. And it would really lovely if you could give me a new camera for my trip. That Panasonic Lumix GX 8 looks awesome! I promise I will be a super good girl for the whole year. Thank you 😀

    This is a great list of Christmas gifts by the way. Some of them are affordable so I can buy one for myself, just in case Santa forget to visit me this year, hahaha :p

  3. Every time we travel, I always regret not buying a headphone splitter. Our daughters love watching movies together on their device and struggle to hear it if we’re in a busy airport. I had no idea that snapchat glasses existed. They seem like such a brilliant invention for photography.

  4. Wow you’ve definitely come up with a lot of ideas at a lot of different price ranges. I like that you included suggestions for Secret Santa presents as well as gifts for people that you are closer to. I’m a book person so I was instinctively drawn to the Lonely Planet book.

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