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A Bed in Antigua – Buccaneer Beach Club Review

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Antigua is our favourite kind of Caribbean island. If you want to exist in an all-inclusive bubble, totally relax and shut out the outside world, you can. If, however, you want to explore, pretend you live here for a little while and enjoy a bit of independent travel, then you can do that too. Buccaneer Beach Club is a great option for those independent bunnies who enjoy some of the luxuries of resort living like a super pool and easy beach access. Read on to find out more in our full Buccaneer Beach Club review.

Our stay at Buccaneer Beach Club was hosted but all opinions are entirely our own.

Buccaneer Beach Club’s Location

Buccaneer Beach Club sits at the southern end of Dickinson Bay, on a small section of beach in front of the Salt Plage restaurant. If you’ve ever seen a picture of a red phone box on the beach…that’s here.

Dickinson Bay Beach is a glorious sweep of white sand that extends for around a mile. Antigua has a whopping 365 beaches, and Dickinson Bay Beach is always included in the best of them. Heading north from Buccaneer Beach Club, you will pass the restaurant, Ana’s On the Beach, some smaller apartments and then the VAST Sandals Antigua Grande Resort.

A Look Around Buccaneer Beach Club

Reception is in a small building on the side closest to the road. From the minute we checked in, the staff here were friendly and helpful. In the reception, you can pick up beach towels, or grab a book for the pool from the library. They also had some snacks and drinks for purchase. Considering how far the nearest supermarket is, this is pretty handy if you fancy a drink in your apartment. Alongside this, they offer a groceries service. You send a shopping list ahead of time and they will fill your fridge with no service fee. I really wish we had thought to take advantage of this excellent offer. It was especially clear halfway down the pretty dull, straight road with no pavement that made up the majority of the hour-long round trip walk to the shop. (Of course, if you have hired a car, it is not too much drama to drive).

Our Apartment

During our stay, we were assigned ground floor apartment 2. This is one of the Garden Suites. I would have preferred an upstairs apartment as I think we would have had a little more light. If we return, i think I would request that. In fact, even better, we would pick the beachfront cottage and bring some friends along to fill it.

That is us on the bottom right
Our balcony was handy for drying wet swimming things but we probably ruined the aesthetic a bit
The Front Room

The front door opened straight into the living room area, where we spent our evenings. There was a covid curfew in effect so we had to be in our residence by 8pm. We had dinner in front of the TV (streaming from my phone worked, which was great) and then I let jetlag take over and I dozed as Mr Fluskey binged one series after another,

The Kitchen

Speaking of dinner. The kitchen was pretty well stocked but it didn’t have the cooking oil or butter I was hoping for. This would have been a nice addition, maybe adding it on request would be a good idea. As it was, I didn’t want to buy a whole bottle of oil for two dinners so we just had dry fried turkey bacon, leading to a tougher washing-up job. However, there was a basket with coffee and tea goodies which was greatly appreciated! The coffee was instant but there was a coffee maker behind so if you love fresh coffee, remember to add filters and ground coffee to your shopping list.

In terms of cooking options, we had a toaster oven (I think), two hobs and a microwave. We made use of the hobs and the strange collection of foodstuffs in the small nearby shop and ended up making a dish of pasta, sweetcorn, turkey bacon and cheese….a perfect dinner for seven year olds! There was enough cutlery and crockery for the two of us and it would have been fine for a family of four. (There were only two wine glasses so I guess that’s the idea). I loved a cute little homely touches like the signs around the space.

The Bedroom

Apartment 2 had twin beds in the main bedroom and I believe the sofa in the front room converted into a double bed to accommodate four people. I know some people get upset to be given twin beds but we don’t mind too much for a short trip. Normally we would push the beds together but these were heavy and very sturdy so we just did the separate beds thing. The decor in here was clean and bright but featured very dark wooden accents. It was classically Caribbean. There’s a huge chest of drawers which we didn’t use at all, and then a HUGE cupboard containing the safe. I was very impressed with the amount of storage space.

The Bathroom

Our bathroom was huge. There was plenty of floor space, counter space and shower space! I loved the over mirror lights as they were slightly reminiscent of a theatre mirror. There weren’t many amenities provided so do remember to bring some with you or pick some up in the supermarket if there is a larger group. The shower was good but not spectacular. I loved the set up though, in the large open corner area, including the step that keeps all that beach sand away from the rest of the bathroom. (yes, we used the shower by the beach but sometimes there is sand…in places.

The Garden

Buccaneer Beach Club is set amidst some lovely gardens. Tropical flowers, towering palm trees and lovely little botanical signs so you can investigate the flora make it a lovely place to relax. There is nothing like a garden full of colour to brighten the spirits. Further towards the coast, there is a patio area with a communal barbeque, so if you fancy a big grill for dinner, just let reception know and you can fire it up!

The Pool

I was surprised at how big the pool at Buccaneer Beach Club is. It was also pleasantly cool rather than cold so I enjoyed taking a dip here in the afternoon sun. There were some sunbeds scattered around the edge and it was never busier than us and one other group so there was plenty for everyone. At one end, it is deep enough to take a jump in and there are some gentle steps on the other. I particularly liked the lip that ran around one side of the pool, allowing guests to sit in the ater and have a chat.

The Beach and Salt Plage

In front of the property is the Salt Plage restaurant. You’ll find several sets of sunbeds here reserved for Buccaneer Beach Club guests so you can choose whether or not to order anything from the menu or just sit here for free. It is a small sheltered area of beach so wonderful for a relaxed paddle or fmilies with small children. You can get a few more waves on the longer stretches of beach to either side. There’s a rocky section that blocks the south side of the bay which is an excellent sunrise spot. Just get a cocktail from the restaurant and enjoy.


If you are planning a trip to Antigua, here is some info you might like to know:

  • For the latest deals, check out the Buccaneer Beach Club website.
  • As currency, Antigua uses the Eastern Caribbean Dollar but US Dollars are also widely accepted. We tend to use ECD unless a property specifies otherwise.
  • Antigua uses the same plugs as the USA, two flat pins.
  • The best weather in Antigua is found during the dry season which is usually November to March but you will find the best deals outside of this time. In shoulder season, you may get some clouds and some heavy downpours but these tend to move on quite quickly. Hurricanes are most prevalent in September and October.

Final Thoughts on our Buccaneer Beach Club Review

I really enjoyed our stay at Buccaneer Beach Club but really wish we had taken advantage of the groceries offer which would have made it perfect. It was great to relax by the pool and on the beach whilst still being mere metres from our room. We were never worried about finding a spot in the sun and loved the little beach out front. I would happily return to Buccaneer Beach Club and would love spend longer there, using it as a relaxing base to explore the island from.

Rosie xx

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