A Bed in Songshan – amba Songshan, Taipei Review

During our trip to Taipei, we were lucky enough to try out not one, but two amba hotels. The second, amba’s flagship hotel in Songshan. was a masterclass in how to appeal to Flying Fluskey! To find out why, read our full amba Songshan review.

A Bed in Zhongshan – amba Zhongshan, Taipei Review

Taipei is Taiwan’s capital city, intriguing in its mix of the old and new, the Chinese and a mixture of other worldwide influences. If you want a base that is as fun, functional and fabulous as the city through the window, then check out amba Zhongshan.

A Visit to the Original Din Tai Fung – Taipei, Taiwan

Din Tai Fung is a mild infatuation for us here at flying Fluskey. We ventured out to the Hong Kong branch of Din Tai Fung on our first visit there in 2012, and have thought/dreamed/obsessed about it ever since. That is why, when we visited Taiwan (the home of Ding Tai Fung) we made a… Continue reading A Visit to the Original Din Tai Fung – Taipei, Taiwan

A Bed in Ulan-Ude – Mergen Bator Review

When I say the words “business hotel” what springs to mind? Dull rooms? An ageing computer centre? A fusty bar? Well, the Mergen Bator in Ulan Ude is a business hotel with a difference. A bit of fun and a lot of class, the Mergen Bator surprised us at every turn.

Our Trans-Siberian Epic Fail

“I want to be at the station by 2:30”. Mr Fluskey looked at me with exasperation, “The train doesn’t go until 3:55”! Well, it is better to be safe than sorry though right!? “if we miss this train, there isn’t another one for a week”, I quipped. Thus, our Tran-Siberian epic fail began. I was… Continue reading Our Trans-Siberian Epic Fail

Tubing, TV and Too Many Drinks – Vang Vieng, Laos

Vang Vieng; the town the culture forgot. At least, that’s the way it was when we visited in November 2009 as part of a five month trip through Asia. (Here, again, our camera failed us so we have few photos, and mostly of us dancing in a bar, a little worse for wear.) Click here… Continue reading Tubing, TV and Too Many Drinks – Vang Vieng, Laos