42 Great Things to Add to Your Hong Kong Itinerary

Hong Kong is a fast-paced, dynamic city, with an intriguing blend of Chinese tradition, hints of Western flavour and bucket-loads of modern Asian flair. Here at Flying Fluskey, we are totally hooked! If you are planning to visit Hong Kong, here are 42 great things to add to your Hong Kong Itinerary (broken into sections… Continue reading 42 Great Things to Add to Your Hong Kong Itinerary

A Bed in Songshan – amba Songshan, Taipei Review

During our trip to Taipei, we were lucky enough to try out not one, but two amba hotels. The second, amba’s flagship hotel in Songshan. was a masterclass in how to appeal to Flying Fluskey! To find out why, read our full amba Songshan review.

A Bed in Zhongshan – amba Zhongshan, Taipei Review

Taipei is Taiwan’s capital city, intriguing in its mix of the old and new, the Chinese and a mixture of other worldwide influences. If you want a base that is as fun, functional and fabulous as the city through the window, then check out amba Zhongshan.

A Visit to the Original Din Tai Fung – Taipei, Taiwan

Din Tai Fung is a mild infatuation for us here at flying Fluskey. We ventured out to the Hong Kong branch of Din Tai Fung on our first visit there in 2012, and have thought/dreamed/obsessed about it ever since. That is why, when we visited Taiwan (the home of Ding Tai Fung) we made a… Continue reading A Visit to the Original Din Tai Fung – Taipei, Taiwan

A Bed in Ulan-Ude – Mergen Bator Review

When I say the words “business hotel” what springs to mind? Dull rooms? An ageing computer centre? A fusty bar? Well, the Mergen Bator in Ulan Ude is a business hotel with a difference. A bit of fun and a lot of class, the Mergen Bator surprised us at every turn.

Our Trans-Siberian Epic Fail

“I want to be at the station by 2:30”. Mr Fluskey looked at me with exasperation, “The train doesn’t go until 3:55”! Well, it is better to be safe than sorry though right!? “if we miss this train, there isn’t another one for a week”, I quipped. Thus, our Tran-Siberian epic fail began. I was… Continue reading Our Trans-Siberian Epic Fail