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5 Romantic Reasons to Take a Havelock Island Honeymoon

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Soft white sand, rosy sunsets and peacock blue seas, Havelock (Swaraj Dweep) has everything you could dream of as a tropical getaway. Add to this the abundance of activities designed for adventure and romance and you have the perfect honeymoon destination. Here are our 5 reasons to take a Havelock Island Honeymoon.

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1 – Havelock has Beautiful Beaches

The sand on Havelock is pale champagne gold, burnished daily by the sunset and lapped by clear, turquoise waves. There are three main beaches to visit:

Radha Nagar

Radhanagar Beach is always included on the list of the top beaches in Asia. Sometime it makes the best in the world. Suffice to say, this six kilometre long, stretch of sand is stunning! There is a popular area at the east end of the beach, with more private areas further along. You’ll find street snack stalls, shops, cafes and changing/toilet facilities. It might seems like you have to stay in this spot but the whole thing is actually open to the public. If you are visiting from the the east end, walk the paths through the trees and you can reserve on a much quieter spot. This beach is especially popular at sunset as it dips behind the western edge. Swimming stops after the sun disappears but you can float in the gentle waves until then.

Govinda Nagar

On the opposite side of the island, near the popular guesthouses around, is Govindanagar. again, here you’ll find facilities for changing, toilets, stalls and shops. This beach is much thinner so you may have to walk along to find a quiet spot where you lay your towels.

Elephant Beach

If you visit Elephant Beach, there is an array of water activities on offer. For real thrill seekers, there are loads of inflatables that are whizzed around by speedboats. They also have jet skis. You can’t drive the jet skis yourselves but a willing driver will give you a fast zip around the bay which is so exciting! You don’t need to worry about damaging the jet ski (a common way to make money in many a beach resort) and can just enjoy the ride. Snorkelling trips leave from here or you can just snorkel the reef that is just off the beach too. Don’t worry if you aren’t a strong swimmer, some tours have rubber rings to keep you afloat.

Alternatively, you can have a beautifully relaxing day by just walking along the beach. You won’t be close to the facilities but you will also lose the crowds. Walk five minutes away and you will have a huge stretch of sand entirely to yourselves. It is much more romantic.

2 – Havelock is Affordable

Of course, this is all relative. As with everything, you can only afford it if you can afford it. However, when compared with the world’s top honeymoon destinations, Havelock and The Andaman and Nicobar Islands in general are incredibly cheap.

Travelling from India, the domestic flights are so much cheaper than travelling by to another country and although there is a bump in price (“island tax”), you won’t find it much more expensive than an major Indian city.

If you are coming from a place with a stronger currency, things will seem amazingly affordable. Here are a few examples;

  • A beer in a regular bar: ₹200
  • A cocktail in a swanky bar: ₹450 – 550
  • A main dish at the popular Full Moon Cafe: ₹200 – 350
  • A fun, hour-long snorkel at Elephant Beach: ₹1500
  • A basic but well rated guesthouse room: ₹4000
  • A well appointed economist resort like Barefoot: ₹14000
  • The Taj Exotica (by far the fanciest place on Havelock): ₹40000

Compare these prices to other popular spots like the Maldives where a cocktail will cost around £18

3 – Havelock has Romance Built In

Search “Havelock Island honeymoon” on any search engine and you will find innumerable companies offering “the perfect package”. They really know how to build a blissful honeymoon on Havelook.

If you are staying in a nice hotel/resort, there is no doubt they can arrange a private dinner. Some have beach access and here, you can sit by the sand and listen to the waves. Others can just find you a quiet spot around the resort where you can dine alone, surrounded by candles and lanterns. Barefoot at Havelock offers beach dining, wilderness dining and a lunch by the beach. We tried them all and had a wonderful, relaxing time as a couple.

4 – Havelock has Pretty Great Weather

November – April

Being a tropical region, there are clear days and some rainy days throughout this period. The driest months are January to March and the hottest months are March and April. For the very best chance at perfect weather, January and February are your best bet. Of course, if you are coming from anywhere in Europe or the north of North America, any time in winter is going to feel fantastic, giving you an escape from the cold,

May – October

Sitting as it it does, in the Bay of Bengal, monsoon does affect Havelock. However, that doesn’t mean constant rain all day every day. You will find patches of sunshine and blue skies between showers. The rainiest months are June to August with an average of 19 days with some rain. It will be hot and humid and sometimes it will rain. Plus, the sea will be rougher and you may not be able to swim. If this doesn’t bother you then you are golden. If you like to swim, make sure you book a hotel with a pool and you can swim in the rain to your hearts content.

5 – Havelock is an Adventure

A honeymoon in the Andaman and Nicobar islands isn’t just a “fly and flop” for most people. There are three main islands that people like to visit for at least a day. To travel between them, you need to catch public ferries. This is all part of the fun. You can get all your tickets booked in advance (we used and loved so there is no need to stress. On the day, go to the office and reconfirm and then it is time to climb aboard and relax for your boat ride across the Andaman Sea.

There is so much to do in the Andaman & Nicobar islands. On your way to Havelock, you will be flying to Port Blair. Before you travel on to Havelock, stay a night or two here. Port Blair has some cool little museums so you can learn about the history of the area, and the nature of the islands. Plus, a trip to Ross Island and the Cellular Jail are an absolute must.

Then, even on the relaxing island of Havelock, there is an abundance of nature adventures to enjoy. You can take a trek through the forest and if you have a guide with you, you can do some natural wondering. Whether you are into bird watching, critter and crab spotting or rock pooling for pretty sea life, there are options for everyone. You can also try so many water sports. If it is a new moon, you can join a kayak tour and see if you can spot the natural bioluminescence in the waves. It is so exciting. You could gpo snorkelling together. Floating above the coral, holding hands and spotting pretty little fish is so relaxing. If you are after a rush, try one of the crazy speedboat inflatables. Sitting next to your loved one on a giant inflatable sofa, as you bounce and laugh over the waves is a really fun thing to share together.

Final Thoughts on Our 5 Romantic Reasons to Take a Havelock Island Honeymoon

If you are travelling to Havelock with a loved one, you will find plenty of special moments. We visited on a normal holiday but even that was romantic. It would be a brilliant honeymoon destination, or a place to renew your vows, or just reconnect with a partner. It has all the tropical vibes you need, a price tag that many can afford and a touch of the rough and ready to share a giggle over. I would plan my own Havelock island honeymoon but that would mean getting remarried, and I don’t think Mr Fluskey would approve..

Rosie xx

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