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What is Flying Fluskey about? Flying Fluskey is a blog for people who love travel stories and advice. You can escape with us to far flung corners of the globe.

Rosie about to scream as Karl looks mischevious behind the wheel of a red dune buggy in the desert outside Huacachina, Peru
September 2016, Peru

We have tales of the unexpected, great foodie recommendations, flight and accommodation reviews. You can also find fun attractions, exotic locations and once in a lifetime experiences.

Turquoise seawater of the Mindoro Strait and the sand of the beach at Club Paradise Palawan, Philippines
January 2018 – Palawan, Philippines

If you love to save money where you can, and splash out on the special experiences (be they sleeping in a pod on a mountainside, a few nights in a luxury resort, or catching a night train across a country) then you are in the perfect place!

Wondering about your hosts? We are Rosie and Karl Fluskey. Come and find out more about us…

A selfie of Karl in a red t-shirt, with Rosie in Central Park, New York City, NY, USA
September 2007 – New York, USA

Rosie works for an airline as a check in girl, sending people off on their adventures and chatting about travel as much as she possibly can. She is sight impaired and so can miss the odd detail. She is your narrator.

Karl has a couple of jobs including working at the iconic Royal Albert Hall in London, and supporting adults with learning disabilities. He is the patient and long-suffering husband, who is Rosie’s ever-excellent travel companion and photographer.

Rosie and Karl pose behind the Cape of Good Hope wooden sign, South Africa
January 2015 – Cape Point, South Africa

Our insatiable wanderlust sends us travelling as much as possible. Since 2006, we have visited five continents and over seventy countries. Travel is a therapeutic, confusing, interesting, frustrating, self-awakening and super fun hobby. So many of our stories start “When we were in….” because we learn so much more when we are away from home. We have gathered a wealth of experiences and we have come to the point that we may burst unless we share them with the world.

Karl and Rosie walking about wearing winter coats and jeans in the snow in Budapest, Hungary
December 2007 – Budapest, Hungary

If we can inspire your travels, share in your travels or even just give you ten minutes to dream about something “other”, we will consider it a job well done.

Karl in a blue 3 piece suit and Rosie in a white shin length dress sit surrounded by family and friends in the wood panelled Council Chamber, Islington Town Hall, London about to get married
September 2016 – London, UK – When Rosie became a Fluskey

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