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Skylodge Adventure Suites Peru Review – A Cusco Cliff Hotel!

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Browsing through Airbnb, curious to see what was available in Peru’s Sacred Valley, I came across something very special. A capsule hotel in Peru. Mr Fluskey and I were travelling to Peru on honeymoon and I knew straight away that we HAD to book Skylodge Adventure Suites. Who wouldn’t want to hang off the edge of the Sacred Valley in a pod? It’s a Cusco Cliff hotel; so amazing! Even if you just fancy doing some rock climbing or a zip wire with Natura Viva? Read on to see our Skylodge Adventure Suites review!

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Skylodge Adventure Suites Review – The Coolest Accommodation in Peru!

The Trip To Peru

Our trip did not start out terribly well. I suffered a bruised coccyx just three days into the trip after a bit of a tumble from a sandboard in the desert (that’s a story for another time). I was unable to sit down properly, or get myself in and out of chairs. Walking was bearable but I wouldn’t say it was terribly comfortable. The solution? Painkillers taken at regular intervals.


Another three days on and we found ourselves at the base of a sheer rock face, gazing up at the shiny pods, high above us.

Skylodge Adventure Suites – The Pod Hotel in Peru’s Sacred Valley

Skylodge Adventure Suites is located in Peru’s Sacred Valley, near Ollantaytambo. The company that owns them is Natura Viva. The suites consist of three bedroom pods and one fancy new dining pod (still under construction when we visited in 2016 but now in full use).

The dining room

The pods are attached to the valley wall with a series of strong metal lines. Each pod is constructed to allow stunning views out over the valley, as it is full of windows. Do you remember the Crystal Maze? You know the large crystal at the end, the bit when they are trying to catch all the money? Well, it’s like that.

Our bedroom pod

At The Bottom of the Sacred Valley

We jumped out of Natura Viva’s minibus. I was full of enthusiasm despite my throbbing backside. Mr Fluskey, however, went into free fall.

300m below the pods

To reach the bedrooms, you have two options.

  1. A Via Ferrata – A set of metal hand and foot holds inserted into the rock face that you climb like a huge ladder. There are wire walks as well. I would recommend that a decent level of fitness is required for this.
  2. A Steep Climb – This is partly a steep uphill climb and involves just a little rock climbing.

Safety equipment is provided for both of these activities. A helmet and harness are given to you and you will be clipped onto safety wires the entire time.

Mr Fluskey didn’t realise that there were options. The other couple that we had been talking to in the minibus were taking the hard way up, the via ferrata. Happily, we were not! However, not knowing this, he panicked.

“We aren’t going to be able to do this!”

After a five minute freak out, we got him a bit calmer and we started our ascent towards the Skylodge Suites.

Ascending the Sacred Valley Wall – Rock Climbing With Natura Viva

I’m not going to lie. It really hurt my bottom!! Taking little steps, up a steep slope wasn’t good. This is how we spent our first twenty minutes or so. However, the walk became more of a rock climbing scramble, and those parts were mysteriously better.

We are pretty unfit. We had done no training whatsoever and in the run-up to the wedding, I had been sat at the dining room table making centrepieces, drawing up table plans and doing other wedding-related admin tasks. Going to the gym just didn’t happen.

We were both puffing and panting but we made slow and steady progress, zigzagging across the rock face and ever upwards. The valley is quite high, 2,700 metres above sea level, so the altitude can leave you a little more short of air than normal.

A quick rest stop to catch our breath

On the way up, we even got a little taster of the zip wire adventure we were looking forward to the next day.


The whole ascent took around two hours, but the feeling of having a hot poker stuck up my whatsit made it seem quite a bit longer. You know what though? I loved every minute of it!

Arriving at Our Pod Bedroom

(I don’t know if “pod” is quite the right name. I think they are probably posher than a “pod” but it is just the name that seems best to me right now.)


We finally made it to the roof of our Skylodge bedroom and by now, I was feeling pretty fearless. The view was so great!

As the wires had kept us safe up until then I took a walk out across the rooftop. From the pictures, it looks totally tame but, honestly, I was a daredevil!

Inside the Skylodge Pod

I was expecting the pod to be a bit like a fancy tent but I was VERY pleasantly surprised. The interior was much more spacious than I imagined.

At one end, looking down the valley, was a large double bed. This was by far the most comfortable mattress we slept on during our trip to Peru.

Two single beds to either side of the capsule (ooo, new word for it) served as sofas. This is where your two additional guests would sleep if you had booked it for four. We sat here, with our two little tables, and were served dinner. It was crazy to think that our guide hadn’t just come up with us, but had since been down and hauled our dinner all the way back up in a backpack! It put our little struggle into perspective.

Looking towards the bed end

At the other end of the pod is a zipped off area that looks up the valley. Here is where you will find “the facilities”.

Looking towards the bathroom end. Can you see the little flip down tables?

I won’t go into details, it does slightly diminish the romance…but then it is quite the novelty. All I’ll say is pee tube, and poo bags.

A loo with a view! (You can shut the curtains)

Dinner in the Skylodge

Considering the whole meal service was carried up to the Skylodge by one of the guides, it was hot and of excellent quality.

We got:

  • Sweet potato (or squash) soup with a little swirl of cream on, just like at a restaurant
  • A chicken and couscous dish which was really tender and delicious
  • A strawberry dessert which was gone in seconds because it was so nice.
  • The whole thing was washed down with red wine.

Delightful! Taking a quick look at their website, I have seen that you can now go for lunch in the new dining pod, perfect if you just want a little taster of the experience (pun intended).

Waiting for dinner, I kept getting little tummy thrills. I think that being out of my harness made me feel a little more vulnerable. Mr Fluskey was completely the other way around. I think this is why they give you wine. It definitely calmed that little twanging nerve.

Cheers! Wine and pyjamas…perfection

As we tucked in, we noticed movement below us, and the lights of pod down to our left blinked on. The other couple, had FINALLY reached their bedroom. It had taken them an extra hour and a half. We were SO glad we took the easy route.

Nighttime in our Skylodge Pod

I cannot recommend staying the night in the Skylodge highly enough. Settling down for bed was lovely. We lay in our super comfy bed and gazed up at the stars through the ceiling.

We chatted for an hour or so, reflecting on the day’s activities. It was the most relaxed and blissed out I felt for the entire trip.

The Next Morning

The next morning was very surreal. Instead of eating in our bedroom, we were due to make our way down to one of the other pods to eat on the roof. Having less fuel in my muscles, they were a bit more wobbly than the day before. Taking one sugary little snack to eat as soon as you wake up may be a good plan.

This was a mini bit of via ferrata, and you can tell I’m feeling slightly shaky.

Breakfast on the Side of a Cliff!

Again, the breakfast was hot and delicious. I can’t remember exactly what we had, but it involved great scrambled eggs and pancakes, as well as lashings of hot coffee. You’ll appreciate the warmth of it when you are sat at that altitude. It was the most amazing place to have breakfast!

So cool!
You can’t quite see the view, but I promise, it was awesome.

A quick pit stop to collect our belongings and we set off again for the ZIP WIRE!!!

Descending the Sacred Valley Wall – Zip Wire with Natura Viva

Have I mentioned that I enjoy zip wires?

Alternatively known as a flying fox, zip line or deceiving a death slide(!) it involves a tight wire being set up between two points, one higher than the other. You then attach yourself to it and dangle beneath as you speed across from point A, to point B.

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We rode six wires that morning, the longest of which was a mind-bending 700m. It just kept going.

I had such a wonderful morning flying through the air, slowly getting closer and closer to the valley floor. You ride a total of 2800 metres of wire over 7 different lines. I could have carried on for hours. Unfortunately, gravity took its course and within just one hour we were back on terra firma.

Our wonderful guides for the zip wiring.

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Final Thoughts on Skylodge Adventure Suites, Our Cliff Hotel in Peru

What can I say? If you are travelling to Peru, book Skylodge Adventure Suites!!

It sells out quickly so book it now! Book it here!

If you aren’t going to Peru, maybe it’s time to start planning your trip!? You won’t regret it. Skylodge Adventure Suites is one of the most amazing places (if not THE most amazing) I have ever slept (just in case this Skylodge review hadn’t made that clear). The view is great and even if you are just coming to rock climb or zip wire with Natura Viva, you’ll get the same amazing vista. The mixture of adrenaline and luxury is superb and make this a truly once in a lifetime experience…unless I go back…which is tempting.

Rosie xx

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    1. I was amazed that it freaked out Mr Fluskey. I think I was just too excited! Weirdly, I felt less safe inside the capsule than climbing or zipwiring..?

  1. what a cool idea for a honeymoon! I have seen those pods in pictures before but always wanted to know what they looked like on the inside – what an experience!

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