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Beyond the Port – Five Top Cruise Ports To Explore

Have you ever been on a cruise? I am going to be honest, we haven’t. That is, unless you count a two day boat trip around Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, and the odd boaty border crossing. It has just never appealed. I can see the joys of travelling the Nile or the Norwegian fjords… Continue reading Beyond the Port – Five Top Cruise Ports To Explore

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How to Escape Delhi in Five Days

If you are visiting India, as nice as Delhi is, I am sure you will want to move on at some point as there is so much more to see. We spend a few intensely frustrating days dodging touts, following touts and going around in circles trying to do just that. Also on:

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Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot – Our First Day in Delhi, India

The start of our five month trip was a disaster, we both messed up our packing and I had a mini meltdown when we boarded the plane (you can read about it here). I thought things might improve. However, when we landed the fun continued and we were feeling hot and bothered! Also on:

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How NOT to Start Your Adventure Round the World

The triumphant exit, Karl and I smiling at each other as we stroll through security with our upgraded boarding cards in hand, the camera fades to black and the string section soars to a glorious crescendo…that’s how I pictured it. Instead, I was ready to kill somebody by the time we had taken off. This… Continue reading How NOT to Start Your Adventure Round the World

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Planning For The Big Trip

After spending a month telling Karl that we were going to go travelling, he finally complied and we sat down to talk about it properly. This was going involve planning beyond anything we had done before, except maybe moving to London for university. Here is how we went about it all and some valuable lessons that… Continue reading Planning For The Big Trip


Your Complete Guide to the London Underground

The London Underground is brilliant! OK, so it’s a little expensive, weekend engineering works are infuriating and I’m definitely biased. but trust me, it really is brilliant. It is, however, a complex world of unspoken rules, and if you break them, you know about it. If it is your first visit to London, or you’ve… Continue reading Your Complete Guide to the London Underground


The Big Decision – The Five Month Trip

What gives you the guts to make the big decision, to quit your job, leave your home and take to the road? What did it take for us to do it? It was never going to be a permanent state of travel but it was still quite a big decision.   The Economy Karl and I… Continue reading The Big Decision – The Five Month Trip

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My Favourite Travel Apps

It takes photos, it sends messages, it can even keep you entertained with little birds who seem a little disgruntled but the following apps will help turn your smart phone into a powerful travel tool too. When I went backpacking in 2009, I had to seek out internet cafes. I took an old phone that… Continue reading My Favourite Travel Apps

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When Lightning Strikes – Virgin Atlantic Flight VS65 LGW to MBJ

This week, on 22nd March 2017, my Virgin Atlantic plane was hit by lightning, which was very normal. We returned to Gatwick, which was not. What happened? Is lightning dangerous? Will I finally get the right things out of the overhead locker!?