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A Fabulous Farm Stay at Agriturismo Fattoria Terranova

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Sometimes, as a tourist, it is hard to interact with the destinations that you visit in a meaningful way. In Italy, however, you can really go back to Italy’s roots and take some real time to relax at an Agriturismo (a farm stay). From exploring the kitchen gardens, like we did, or rounding up goats as our friend did in Tuscany, there are so many ways to get involved We chose to visit Fattoria Terranova near the Amalfi Coast. Read on for our Agriturismo Fattoria Terranova review.

We were hosted at Fattoria Terranova but all of our opinions are entirely our own.


The nearest large town to Agriturismo Fattoria Terranova is Sorrento, a jewel in Italy’s tourism crown. It is around fifteen minutes on a very windy road, however, Fattoria Terranova is just over the hill and actually looks out over the start of the Amalfi Coast. There is a small town, Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi, just down the road and this was handy to grab some supermarket food for lunch or a balcony picnic.

Google maps will take you to the very top of the farm, but steep, slalom roads will take you down, past several buildings to the reception. Two switchbacks below that, you will find a car park where you can park up for free.

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A Look Around Agriturismo Fattoria Terranova

Our Room

The room was a lovely mix of bright and traditional. We loved the pops of yellow coming from the statement wall, wall lamps and pictures (painted by the owner’s dad).

Along one wall, there was an open wardrobe. This was perfect for stashing backpacks and hanging the clothes we planned to wear for dinner. We also popped all of our important bits in the safe.

Next to this, there was a fridge which came in handy when we wanted a nice, cold bottle of wine.

Our Bed

Our bed was actually twin beds pushed together. I know this bothers some people, but as it creates such a big bed, we don’t mind at all. e both slept well in a nice comfortable bed. We liked that the two pillows provided were different textures so I had the bouncy harder one, whilst Mr Fluskey had the more feathery soft one.

By the bed, we both had a wall-mounted lamp, normal plug and USB plug. I really appreciate the thoughtful placement of plugs and that I didn’t have to unplug a table lamp to charge my phone.

Its the little things that make an easier stay that we really appreciate
Our Bathroom

The bathroom was relatively plain. It had fun blue tiles on the floor but everything else was white and sparkling clean. There was space on both sides of the sink so we both had a side to spill our washbags upon. Plus, there was plenty of hooks for towels, flannels etc.

The toiletries came in large bottles, a much more sustainable way of doing things. They all smelled fresh and herby rather than sweet.

Our Balcony

We had a wraparound balcony leading out from our room. It had a view down the terraced hill to the sea. We loved that it was big enough to really hang out on the balcony and we made the most of it, relaxing out here and using the table for our second dinner.

I can see the sea!

Down below our building, there was a large terrace where the sun could be soaked up over a cup of coffee in the morning.

The Pool and Solarium

Down the hill, amidst the rose garden, was the alfresco bar area and pool/sunbathing spot. We only saw the bar in operation when someone had a birthday party down there on our first night. It sounded like a lot of fun!

In the day time, we bagged ourselves a couple of sunloungers and relaxed by the small pool. This is the kind with plastic sides, rather than tiled in but it is enough for a quick dip, or to amuse the children

The Farm

Sitting by pool, we couldn#t help but notice the odd animal noise. After establishing that it wasn’t either of us, we began to wonder where it was coming from. We decided to explore and came across two enclosures full of animals! Chickens, rabbits and goats shared the spaceand we spent a very happy 15 minutes chatting to these lively crtitters.

My absolute favourite little guy.

Reception and Restaurant

Hung with plants and drying homegrown herbs, the main building was a lovely blend of pergola, farmhouse and restaurant. This is spot where you will enjoy breakfast, take dinner and check in and out. It evokes something in me, with the huge wine barrels and overflowing plant pots. I think it was the image I had conjured up in my mind before we left for Italy.

Fattoria Terranova Agriturismo is well known for its foodie offerings and I was particularly excited to try everything I could get my hands on.


A continental breakfast doesn’t sound all that exciting, BUT when it is made up of a large collection of delicious homemade sweet treats, I would take it over an average hot buffet any day.

Breakfast is served to you and you realise what an enormous task picking what to have is going to be as they explain what the options are. Freshly baked fruit tarts, chocolate-filled biscuits, pastries and other little sweet treats. There was even a selection of five homemade preserves including a stunning peach jam and a fig marmalade that I literally dipped biscuits in. I had a little of the meat, cheese and fruit but overindulged on the baked goods. Oh, I did balance it with some omelette with fresh tomatoes too.

Round one was a balanced plate….round two was pure biscuit, fruit tart naughtiness.

Alongside all of this deliciousness you could have fresh squeezed orange juice or a superb cup of coffee brewed in a Neopolitan caffettiera (stove top coffee maker). Everyone was ordering lattes, cappuccinos and I had a pure black coffee. They were immensely punchy and quite the morning perk up! I left the table buzzing with caffeine and sugar.

Dinner – Zero Km

The restaurant at Fattoria Terranova is called ZeroKm, and it is popular with tourists, guests and local residents alike. The name comes from the food philosophy they maintain. All of the vegetables are grown in their kitchen garden, the cheese and meat come from local suppliers and the fish comes from that blue swathe of ocean we could spy from our balcony.

We decided we had to try it out on our first night!

The atmosphere was a little upmarket whilst also being incredibly friendly. We arrived quite early and we were along sitting in the restaurant. The waiter lavished attention upon us.

Those roses were real and from the garden. They smelled great!
Those bubbles are taking effect

We were given a small glass of prosecco when we sat down, and it was so delicious that we chose to have some more. The next glass was just €5 which sounded like good value, but when two wonderfully large glasses of bubbles arrived, we knew it was a bargain!


The menu was obtained by scanning a QR code (a covid-19 precaution) and so we sipped our drinks whilst looking a little antisocial, choosing our meal. We settled on the vedura fritte (mixed fried veggies) and then a plate of pasta each. A small plate of fried dough, gloriously salty and light arrived at the table to keep us entertained as we waited for the main event.

The nine vegetables included ricotta-stuffed courgette flowers and deep-fried sage, garnished with a spring of fennel. We had fun working out what we were munching through and trying hard to ensure both of us got exactly half of everything.


When our pasta arrived, we had an easier time, both tucking into our own dishes with gusto. Mr Fluskey had the  house speciality, packed with onion called tubettoni alla cipolla. I opted for a dish with capers, squid and wild rocket. The pasta was perfectly al dente and every bite was packed with flavour.  The dishes really showcased the produce, rather than it being a sideshow to the pasta.


Feeling almost full but with room in our dessert stomachs, we ordered a tiramisu and a lemon tart. Both were excellent but I was especially keen on the tiramisu. It was soft, boozy and creamy; the best I’ve had in a long time.

Fattoria Terranova runs cooking classes and I wish we had done one because I would have loved to discover the tips and tricks of how to make a fantastic plate of pasta or treat a vegetable with a little more respect than we do here in the UK.

The Kitchen Garden Tour

The morning after eating the delicious vegetables grown within the 6 hectare Agriturismo, we were extremely keen to see how it is all grown Fattoria Terranova has revamped its food production by rediscovering ancient varieties of vegetables and herbs, and the methods of growing them. They have replanted the farm to create a symbiotic garden where each plant looks after those around it. Their production is organic and chemical-free. We saw HUGE courgettes, giant basil bushes, cute little squashes and beautiful pink borlotti bean pods.

We were shown around by a lovely couple called Jumana and Matteo, who have been commissioned to create this new way of gardening (with some maintenance help from a local farmer). It was so nice to see the excitement and passion they have discussing the potential of what the land can produce.

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Final Thoughts

Whether it is through amazing local produce, fun activities or just taking the time to enjoy the surroundings, a stop at Fattoria Terranova Agriturismo is a wonderful way to unwind and take a break in your Italy adventure. We loved seeing the gardens where our food was grown, and then get to enjoy that food cooked with respect and skill. It really made us appreciate it.

If you are looking for a great value alternative to the excesses of Sorrento or the constant traffic jams of the Amalfi Coast, why not choose to relax surrounded by green hills and beautiful views!? We loved our stay at @agriturismo_terranova_sorrento and felt so welcomed by everyone from the owner to our waiter, to the clever people at @lascimmiaverde. We came as curious tourists and left as family.

Rosie xx

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