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A Bed in Sorrento – Hotel La Vue D’Or Review

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Sorrento is one of the jewels in Campania’s tourism crown. It is not a cheap destination by any stretch of the imagination, so finding a good value hotel is not easy. Finding a good value hotel with an absolute knock out view? It was a miracle. Was it all about the view? With a name like The Golden View, you might think so but read on to find out in our Hotel La Vue D’Or review.

This review was partly sponsored by La Vue D’Or but all opinions are entirely our own.


Hotel La Vue D’Or is not in Sorrento town. To reach the hotel, you need to drive for ten minutes up a very winding road up into the hills behind Sorrento. If you don’t drive there is a free shuttle bus that runs hourly to and from the hotel. This service was great and made getting to and from Sorrento centre really easy. It was lovely that we could share a carafe of wine with dinner and then just jump on the bus, rather than leaving Mr Fluskey out as the driver.

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A Look Around Hotel La Vue D’Or

Our Room

Our room was an explosion in blue. We loved the floor tiles, which were cheerful and detailed. This is very typical of the area and brings the room to life.

Around the room, we had a large wardrobe, writing desk, luggage stand and mini-fridge. The room was very spacious and although there is only the patio door for the balcony, it was still quite light.

The Bed

Our bed was lovely and big with very crisp white sheets, the perfect hotel bed. By the bed, we both had a plug but had to take out the lamps to use them.

The Balcony

We were lucky enough to have a balcony which looked out over Sorrento. On our second night, we had a balcony picnic (with goodies we had stored in our mini-fridge) and then, after the sun had finally set, a fireworks display lit up the bay. It was a lovely spot to catch the at rays of the sun as it set over the hill behind us. Not every room has a balcony, so check before you book.

That’s our little balcony on the top right
The view from the balcony
Our Bathroom

The tiles followed through into the bathroom and were highlighted by even more running around the walls. So pretty!

I loved the bathroom apart from the lack of hooks. There wasn’t really anywhere to store the large towels. The other little point was the glass shower door which looked great but banged loudly if you accidentally bumped it or left it open.

Lobby and Bar

The lobby was nice and cool compared to the bright sunshine outside. It was a semi-opulent space with marble floors, mirrored columns and many, many pink sofas. I adore pink so it was perfect for me but my mum, who hates pink would have turned her nose up. We wondered why there were so many sofas but maybe they get coach parties normally?

There was also a nice collection of old furniture featuring inlaid wood, a speciality of the region. I feel they could make more of this, rather than tucking it by the stairs.

To one side of the lobby, there was a small computer area. On the other was a TV area and the bar. The bar was well stocked and the barman was a really nice guy. The prices weren’t all that bad considering you are a captive audience. He let us take the drinks we ordered up to our room and we drank them as an aperitif as we got ready to head into town for dinner.


We only ate at the hotel for breakfast. We ate in Sorrento on one night and had an Italian room picnic on the other.


Breakfast was a buffet, served in a large, airy breakfast room. In fact, guests had the option to sit in the main room, a sun-filled side room, the front terrace with a view of Sorrento or a balcony overlooking the green hills.

We picked our way along the buffet and came away with the usual random selection of breakfast goodies. It was a shame not to see more hot options. There were eggs but if you missed them coming out, they were cold. Luckily, the pastries and baked items were delicious.

Mr Fluskey reported that the toaster was great, the best hotel toaster he has ever used….and that is some review! I also thought the breakfast waiter was the nicest guy in Sorrento. He was so cheerful and made everyone feel special.

The Pool, The Sun Terrace and That View

The Pool

If you want to catch some sun, you have a couple of options. The first is to pull up a sunbed or seat by the pool. There were some restaurant tables out here, in the shade as well. Sorrento doesn’t have proper beaches, and the private piers that jut into the sea cost a fair amount so finding a hotel with a great pool and sunbathing area can save you money.

The pool was a great size and at one end they had jacuzzi jets that were surprisingly strong. We spent a happy hour splashing about and then hid under an umbrella on our sunbeds as we dried.

The Terrace

Up a flight of stairs was the second option for sunbathing, the large sun terrace or solarium. Here there were around twenty sunbeds, all with face shades which we love!

A look over the railings, gives guests one of my favourite views in the world. You can see the whole way across Sorrento to Vesuvius. It is an amazing view and something you wouldn’t get staying in the centre of town. We relaxed here on our first day and thoroughly enjoyed the chance to soak it all in.

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Final Thoughts

This isn’t the cheapest place in town, Sorrento does have the odd hostel, and a couple of camping sites on the outskirts of town but I am pretty sure that Hotel La Vue D’Or is one of the best value. The price is great for the quality and facilities available. You could easily pay an extra 100% for the same thing in town.

La Vue D’Or had some really lovely points, we loved having the free shuttle bus and the view really was stunning. The breakfast selection could use a little more pizzazz but the wonderful waiting staff and killer coffee more than made up for that. Finally, the outdoor spaces were fabulous. The pool was bigger than expected and the sun terrace never felt crowded. I would very happily spend another week relaxing there.

Rosie xx

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