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Parading with Pride – London and Brighton 2017

Around the world, every year, there are cities that erupt in a riot of rainbows and glitter as their LGBTQ communities take to the streets for pride. Some call it a march, some a parade, but however you describe it, it is a wave of people celebrating something they believe in; the right to love. A Bit… Continue reading Parading with Pride – London and Brighton 2017

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A Review of Virgin Atlantic 787-900 Upper Class LHR – HKG

Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class cabin is their top most cabin offering. It is listed as a business class cabin and so lies somewhere between British Airways Club World and First Class (just as a comparison).

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How NOT to Start Your Adventure Round the World

The triumphant exit, Karl and I smiling at each other as we stroll through security with our upgraded boarding cards in hand, the camera fades to black and the string section soars to a glorious crescendo…that’s how I pictured it. Instead, I was ready to kill somebody by the time we had taken off. This… Continue reading How NOT to Start Your Adventure Round the World

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When Lightning Strikes – Virgin Atlantic Flight VS65 LGW to MBJ

This week, on 22nd March 2017, my Virgin Atlantic plane was hit by lightning, which was very normal. We returned to Gatwick, which was not. What happened? Is lightning dangerous? Will I finally get the right things out of the overhead locker!?

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Thirty Years Young Today

Oh my goodness…oh my goodness. Today I turn 30 years old and that’s rather a big number. It starts with a three and everything! The Last Ten Years The last ten years have been pretty amazing. Ten years ago I was a second year student at London Metropolitan University. I had an almost/kind of boyfriend… Continue reading Thirty Years Young Today

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2017 – The Plan

In a change to our regularly scheduled programming: our plan for 2017. 2016 was a BIG year. Ignoring everything else that happened, Karl and I finally got married after ten years together. It took  up most of my time, most of my thoughts and most of our holiday days. This year, I am dragging us… Continue reading 2017 – The Plan

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An Apple A Day – New York, New Travel Buddy and New Horizons

The Pitch After working the summer of 2007 as an ice-cream girl at Hamleys toy shop, I needed a holiday. Karl and I had a week booked off but hadn’t decided where we should go. We sat on my bed on the Friday afternoon and worked our way through the last minute deals on all the… Continue reading An Apple A Day – New York, New Travel Buddy and New Horizons

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New York, USA – The First Bite

In 2001, events in New York City shocked the world. Arriving home from school, it took me a strangely long time for it to sink in.  I couldn’t believe the pictures I was seeing on the TV were not just film scenes. My Step-Dad Jonathan’s best friend Colin was living and working in New York at the… Continue reading New York, USA – The First Bite

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Checking in online – Flying Fluskey

HELLO WORLD, CHECKING IN ONLINE My name is Rosie and I work for Virgin Atlantic. That is still so exciting to say! I have been working at Heathrow Airport on and off for a year to support my crippling addiction to travel. Now you can see the reason for the Checking in online pun! I… Continue reading Checking in online – Flying Fluskey