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How to Get a Free Flight – Virgin Atlantic’s Where I Want for Christmas

Virgin Atlantic Airways has come up with a novel new way to share some Yuletide cheer.

“Where I Want For Christmas”

From now on, there’s no more pungent aftershave, gone are the days of dodgy electronic toys that break as soon as looked at, and no longer will you have to suffer the dreaded fitness gift (It’s Christmas Day for goodness sake!)

First Things First

Head over to the dedicated Where I want for Christmas website and start planning. You’ll see all the different options. You can choose a flight to any destination that Virgin Atlantic flies to, and any of the US destinations that Delta and Virgin share.Here are a few of the options:

  • Hong Kong
  • New York
  • Orlando
  • Barbados
  • China
  • India
  • Las Vegas
How about Hong Kong?

They have a handy planning tool to help inspire you. Fancy a relaxing break by the beach? An active break? A short city break? They have plenty of ideas. Once you have picked your dream flight, set up your online profile and you will be given a personal link.

Time for a trip to Times Square?

The Run Up to Christmas

Here is where you have to be a little less than subtle. To encourage people to donate towards your flight, you need to tell where you want to go, and how to get you there.

1.) Share the online link. Send it to your parents by email, drop it on your Facebook and hope your best friends see it. Print leaflets and scatter them on the train to work. What ever you think will work to get the message to the right people. They can then log onto your profile and donate.

Jingle all the way around the world

2.) Get your friends and family to take a trip to Liberty’s of London. They have partnered with Virgin to sell gift cards just for this special season. The gift cards are available in denominations of £50. £100 and £150. It’s a lovely excuse for a trip to such an iconic store and the surrounding shopping hubs of Carnaby Street, Regent Street and Oxford Street. This is especially lovely once the Christmas lights are turned on.

Christmas Morning

Sit back and enjoy the easiest Christmas morning you’ve ever had. Instead of that “thank you for the socks” grimace, you can jump up and down for joy as the flight of your dreams is sitting under the tree.

And Then?

A month or five later, when you are boarding the shiny Virgin Atlantic aircraft, en route to that place that you have always wanted to tick off your bucket list, you can think back to how generous your friends and family are.

Post a selfie on board and tag everyone with a HUGE thank you. It’ll rekindle a little of their Christmas glow whilst you start working on your golden holiday glow.

Final Thoughts

I think this is a wonderful idea and a real kickstart for people who would love to travel but can’t quite afford the airfare. We did something very similar for our honeymoon. Having lived together for years, we had three of everything and everyone knows that travel means a lot to us. I bet people will really enjoy donating towards something as rewarding as travel.

Chance it in China?

Pop over to to have a look and maybe start a Crimbo collection of your own.

Rosie xx

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