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Thirty Years Young Today

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Oh my goodness…oh my goodness. Today I turn thirty years old and that’s rather a big number. It starts with a three and everything! Thirty years young today, wow!

The Last Ten Years

The last ten years have been pretty amazing. Ten years ago I was a second year student at London Metropolitan University. I had an almost/kind of boyfriend and I was a definite size 8 (a US 4). I was struggling for money regularly, like everyone at university, but I was having a lovely time. Ten years of education behind me, I was very independent but I hadn’t quite done “adulting” yet.

So in the last ten years:

I have seen that awkward, it’ll-never-last sort of boyfriend grow into a husband. I am even adopting my new married name ‘Fluskey’ as enthusiastically as I can (just in case you were wondering what a Flying Fluskey was, and if you’d ever seen one on safari)

My enjoyment of holidays has grown into a real passion for travel.

My waistline has grown by a good three inches (I’m working to reverse that one though)

I’ve seen 33 new countries on 5 different continents.

Many of those were seen on our five month adventure around Asia, the best five months of my life. It has left me bereft of long term travel ever since.

I have had jobs from Primark to Harrods, been a Christmas Elf and a steward at the Royal Albert Hall. Now, I’m working at Heathrow Airport for Virgin Atlantic Airways after a few years of trying to break into travel. Finally, I know what it’s like to turn left on a plane…pretty sweet.

Recently (in the last month or so) I have decided to follow these wise words:

No one is ever going to ask you to do the thing you really want to do. So think about what you’d like to do, then start doing it. – Jordan Bach.

That is why I have been blogging happily away as Flying Fluskey. When I get home from Sri Lanka I am going to get to grips with it and start on the long journey to making it look and feel a touch more professional.

A Life Crisis

I am also having a life crisis about house deposits/how should the logo for my blog look/the pressure from other people to make babies/my desire to travel all the time/whether Karl will make me have a dog one day/what is SEO and what the devil is a long pin/Brexit/should I start yoga again because my flexibility is declining/can I handle the embarrassment of the lady fart incident if I tried yoga again/seriously, my desire to go travelling again, ALL THE TIME/can I just pretend I’m twenty again?

Ah well, best to stop worrying, at my age it may well give me forehead wrinkles. Let’s pull silly faces instead. I know I am incredibly lucky, living a life I can’t entirely afford. I have some excellent friends who do amazing things and a hubby who I can rely on to correct my spelling, hold my hand and see the things I can’t. Not to mention my family, who are exploring the world, are incredibly supportive and accept each crazy life plan I have with pleasant “she’s mental” smiles.

Here’s to the next ten years, may they be half as fulfilling and exciting as the last thirty. I hope to get to see even more of this super planet.

Rosie xx

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19 thoughts on “Thirty Years Young Today

  1. I love your post! I’m 25 and sometimes look back and all my travels and experiences and I’m so grateful it all happened, but I’m just as excited about the future! You are so right, the important thing is to be yourself and believe in your dreams!

  2. That big 3-0 birthday creeps up on you! I turned 30 last year and definitely did a lot of reflecting. Like you I think I”m pretty happy with how my 20s turned out… especially on the travelling front!

    1. My life has changed so much in the last year that I can barely keep up with myself. It’s exciting though, I thought that by 30 I’d want to grow roots but it hasn’t happened yet!

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