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Getting to Know Bar, Montenegro

Have you heard of Montenegro? Have you been Montenegro? I didn’t know all that much about it before I started researching our trip to the Balkans. This itinerary took us to the town of Bar for one afternoon and night and it was great to get to know Montenegro just a little better.


Riding the Rails – The Joys of Train Travel

Taking to the tracks, is such a joy. I know that we are Flying Fluskeys, and flying also makes me a happy girl, but there is something special about a train journey. (I don’t mean my morning commute). People say romantic, honestly I’m not sure I could call it that, but it is kinda special. Here are… Continue reading Riding the Rails – The Joys of Train Travel

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2017 – The Plan

In a change to our regularly scheduled programming: our plan for 2017. 2016 was a BIG year. Ignoring everything else that happened, Karl and I finally got married after ten years together. It took  up most of my time, most of my thoughts and most of our holiday days. This year, I am dragging us… Continue reading 2017 – The Plan