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A Review of easyJet A320 STN to DBV

When I say to people that I am taking a flight with easyJet, there are two very distinct reactions. Reaction 1 – Nose wrinkles as if a bad smell has entered the room, “Oh, sleazyjet!”. Reaction 2 – Slight surprise followed by a genuine smile, “Oh ok”. It seems that easyJet has its fans and… Continue reading A Review of easyJet A320 STN to DBV

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Thirty Years Young Today

Oh my goodness…oh my goodness. Today I turn 30 years old and that’s rather a big number. It starts with a three and everything! The Last Ten Years The last ten years have been pretty amazing. Ten years ago I was a second year student at London Metropolitan University. I had an almost/kind of boyfriend… Continue reading Thirty Years Young Today