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Seoul Food – Eats and Treats in South Korea

When people asked me what I wanted to do on my recent 4 day trip to South Korea, I replied (every time) “EAT”! For a long time I had heard of Korean specialities, tried finding them here in London, but the chance to eat some proper Seoul food filled me with anticipation.

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121 Floors Up – Seoul Sky, Lotte World Tower

Seoul, the capital of South Korea is home to around 25 million people. That’s half of the population of the entire country. It is also home to our friend Lucy, and in May 2017 we finally visited. One of the few things that we booked ahead of time, was a trip to Seoul’s newest attraction,… Continue reading 121 Floors Up – Seoul Sky, Lotte World Tower

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2017 – The Plan

In a change to our regularly scheduled programming: our plan for 2017. 2016 was a BIG year. Ignoring everything else that happened, Karl and I finally got married after ten years together. It took  up most of my time, most of my thoughts and most of our holiday days. This year, I am dragging us… Continue reading 2017 – The Plan