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Use Your Words – Lamenting Our Photoless Travels

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A picture is worth a thousand words, that’s what they say, so what do you do when you realise you have no pictures to share!? Well, you use your words.

If Only I’d Known

Embarking on our five month trip, we knew we were lucky enough to have a digital camera and a few spare SD cards. However, we were never really intending to use the pictures for anything more than the odd Facebook album and maybe one or two printed for the walls. Most of our pictures consist of us pulling stupid faces, comedy signs or rude-sounding brand names. Now it comes time to try and write about our experiences, I am feeling a little stuck.

I mean this could be anywhere in the world.


Skipping forward through our travels, I was genuinely shocked to discover that we have a full three weeks of island hopping with about three photos! I honestly can’t recall if that was because stunning Thai islands became so normal that we became blase or something else. This is isn’t even the only example, we are missing quite a lot of our travels in photography terms.

One of not many

Why Are They Missing?

It really could be a case of the extraordinary becoming ordinary. South-East Asia is so beautiful, and maybe we just got used to it. We ended up taking stupid photos of us…looking stupid.

Hahaha…it’s like colon! Take a photo!

We managed to break one of our SD cards by plugging it directly into an Internet cafe computer in Bangkok (yes, we are that old!)

There is also my eternal paranoia that our stuff will be nicked if we go for a swim. I refused to take my camera to the beach, and our terrible old camera phones weren’t up to taking any decent photos.

Finally, there was the camera itself, that occasionally decided it was broken. Our two day slow boat trip through Laos, and our two day boat trip around Ha Long Bay will just live on as memories, never to be seen by anyone else.

Only my brother would understand why this is kind of awesome…but useless for a blog.


Here is the issue, sometimes I am useless with my words. I cannot express myself very eloquently.

Mr Fluskey gets slightly irritated by my waving arms and physical demonstrations. I have always been a very flappy talker, using my hands to explain myself. Is it any wonder I studied theatre!? “Use your words”, he cries in frustration.


So What Do You Guys Think?

Should I:

  • Write about the places that i have no photos for just using my words?
  • Use stock photos so the articles are visually appealing?
  • Skip past those places and focus on the places I have photos for?

We really want your opinions. Please do leave us a comment below.

Rosie xx

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2 thoughts on “Use Your Words – Lamenting Our Photoless Travels

  1. I think it depends on your intent. If your intent is to tell your stories to whoever is reading, photos are unnecessary, it’s the story that matters and your family/friends/regulars will read regardless. If you want to be visually appealing to drum up interest and expand the blog, look professional, ensure your content is high quality, I think you need pictures. But if the story is worth telling then stock photos with a funny tag line will help, just as long as it doesn’t overwhelm or take over your personal pics. Sorry… got a bit too into advising on something I know nothing about there! 😊

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