Weight Gain Holiday Pain

This is the epitome of a first world problem, I make no excuses about that. I am completely aware that I have been living a fantastic life over the last few years. This isn’t a cry for help, or a call for praise, it isn’t even a travel post really, although our holidaying is definitely a huge factor. It is simply an attempt to share with you, where my head is at since gaining some weight.

Holidays vs Long Term Travel

Mr Fluskey and I took a five month trip around Asia in 2009. Every day we penny pinched and every time we sat down to eat, our choices were in large part swayed by the price. No starters and no desserts were to be had. There was even a week in Cambodia where I only ate plain rice for lunch to save cash, just adding the chilli sauce that was on the table.

We barely touched alcohol, apart from the odd blowout, and even then it was cheap, locally produced spirits. Then there was the unexpected exercise. We walked all the time trying to save on transport and even just the fact we carried out luggage helped to tone us up. Slowly, we lost weight without really trying.

On holiday however, the mentality is entirely different. Cocktails and ice creams at regular intervals, pastries for breakfast, big bowls of pasta for dinner and so very much more sitting around. Indulgence is the name of the game, you can’t deprive yourself when you’re on holiday! That’s all very well and good, but what if you are on holiday on a semi regular basis?

Head vs Tummy

Lazing around the pool in Jamaica, rum cream in hand I idly wondered how many calories were in this one drink. It is alcohol made from sugar, added to cream….probably a meal’s worth. Slurping on the ice to empty the glass I wandered over to the pool bar to order another. Later that day was buffet time where you can’t just have one thing, you must try it all!

OK, so staying at an all-inclusive resort isn’t our normal holiday but it has definitely informed the way we have treated ourselves since January; cocktails, cake and rampant consumption.

Cocktails, cocktails, cocktails

I know how to eat well, I have managed to lose weight in the past. I grew up in a very healthy house. Chocolate came in the form of my “thing-of-the-week”. Back then, my Mum’s head ruled my calorie consumption, now it’s my tummy.

“Give me sugar, give me fat, give me cheesecake!!”

Shush tummy, you are not helpful!

We have both put on weight. The scales said a number I had never seen before when I gingerly stepped on after we returned from Croatia. I travelled to Mexico in 2015 and I was a very happy size 8. I was just under 8 stone (I am quite a shorty).

Skinny mini

Now, I have just reached a round 10 stone (round, ha! That was unintentional). There is 2 stone to shift from my wobbly waistline, and quite a bit from Mr Fluskey’s too. We would dearly love to fit into our clothes properly again. It’s an odd moment when your jeans are suddenly straining when the day before they seemed fine.

Me vs Food

So we have been going a little off the rails…a full horrific derailment actually. Now it’s time to buck up my ideas and get back in the kitchen. It’s time to enjoy being in London for the summer and being able to shop, cook and make sure we are looking after ourselves. In fact this section shouldn’t be me vs food, but me and food. I hope we can work together.

We are off again in September, and the hope is that by then we will have reset somewhat, not needing a constant stream of Aperol Spritz or constant treats.

A good start

Wish us luck as we embark on a weight loss journey that means we will no longer find ourselves puffing away at the back of a tour group, or blowing the budget on creamy desserts every night. Here’s to a lighter, brighter future.

Rosie xx

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