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A Bed in Castel Gandolfo – Atlantis Inn B&B Review

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Castel Gandolfo, Italy is probably most famous for being the location of the Pope’s summer palace. He may not live there anymore but it still attracts crowds of tourists from afar, as well as plenty of Roman’s looking for a place to escape the city heat. Whether you are coming to look around the palace, or chill out in Lago Albano, you will want somewhere nice to rest your head after a long day. We chose a mid-range option and were very pleasantly surprised. Read on for our Atlantis Inn B&B review.

We were hosted by Atlantis Inn B&B but all opinions are entirely our own.


The road that runs up to the Pope’s summer house is called Corso della Republica. It is a mostly pedestrianised stretch of cafes, restaurants and shops that fill the middle of the street.

Atlantis Inn is one street over from this hustle ad bustle meaning you are right in the heart of the action, but it is still quiet enough to get a decent night’s sleep. From here you can get to the main square and summer palace in five minutes (at a very slow stroll) or down to the lakeside beaches in about 25 minutes.

A Look Around the Property

Our Room

We were thrilled to find out, on our arrival, that we had been allocated the suite! This is over two levels and can sleep up to four people.

The Bedroom

The main bedroom was lovely and bright, painted white but with lots of pops of blue. We loved the huge mirror on one wall, which made getting ready for dinner a harmonious affair (no pushing for the one mirror in the room). Above the bed was a large painting of a sunset, which contrasted the cooler colours throughout the space.

You couldn’t accuse the room of being unequipped. We had use of a wardrobe, desk, mini-fridge, kettle and TV stand full of drawers. If we were spending a little more time here, I am sure we would have spread our belongings across all of the available spots. As it was, in just one night I had to repack things from the bedside table, the chair, the desk, the daybed and the bathroom.

The room had two beds, one large double and a single bed to the side. If you were a group of three, this would be the extra bed, but we just used it as a sofa/daybed. Both beds were very comfortable, and I got a great night’s sleep. It was a very welcome rarity.

Upstairs and the Terrace

Up a step of curving steps was the second room. For a family, this is another bedroom (perfect for your teenage tagalong) but again, we just used it as a seating area that spilt onto the terrace. The sun poured in here and made the whole space so wonderful and airy.

The terrace was a total highlight of our room, if not the whole of Atlantis Inn B&B. Sunshine bathes the brightly coloured tiles and the blue sky fills the view. I could have happily spent a lazy evening picnicking here, and if we had another day, I would have done just that.

From the terrace, we could see the dome of the church of Saint Tommaso da Villanova, from which peeling bells could be heard calling the faithful to its cool interior. Stretching across the vista was the glittering expanse of Lago Albano, backed by green hills. The terrace had gorgeous white and pink flowers that gave the scene even brighter pops of colour.

Our Bathroom

The bathroom was small but opulently decorated in cream marble. There were two showers, one in the bath and another freestanding. I tested out the shower cubicle and it was strong and hot. Plus, the understair shelf was so useful. (I hate showers that leave you scrabbling around on the floor trying to see what is shampoo and what is conditioner).

Complimentary products were thoughtfully scattered across the bathroom in handy spots and we had an abundance of towels. There would be plenty here for a family.


To understand the personality of Atlantis Inn B&B, you just need to pop into the reception. Here an eclectic mix of display items throng the social space. A quirky patchwork sofa sits next to a trendy coffee bar. Free coffee is available here all day so you can perk up for a day of sightseeing or a night of drinking in a local watering hole.



Breakfast is served just around the corner at a cafe bar called Amici del Gusto. You can grab a seat inside or take it al fresco on the main strip.

Breakfast was a simple affair. Two perfectly crisp, rather giant croissants (we had one plain and one chocolate) alongside a great cup of coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice. It fueled us very nicely for our visit to the Pope’s Summer Palace and gardens.

The Pope’s summer house has quite the back yard

Final Thoughts on Atlantis Inn B&B

Castel Gandolfo is a perfect little town for those looking to get away from the havoc of Rome and makes a perfect place to visit the day before flying out of Rome Ciampino airport. Atlantis Inn B&B is a great value option in town and was a fabulous discovery. If you love boutique hotels then this is the spot for you. A friendly owner, a funky sense of style and let’s face it, who wouldn’t love that terrace!

Rosie xx

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