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A Bed in Bath – Julian’s Place a StayBC property Review

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2020 was the year of the staycation and we wanted in on the action. After a few failed attempts to organise a weekend in Bath, we finally got to take a break there in December, staying at Julian’s Place, a StayBC property.


Bath, although Somerset’s main city, still retains the personality of a small town. It is a surprising mix of ancient history, Georgian flair and modern delights. From it#s first hurrah, with a roman bathing and temple complex, to its heyday as a terribly fashionable Georgian spa town, it has maintained its romantic air and popularity.

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I had half-remembered flashes of visiting the famous Roman Baths and visited briefly en route to a girl’s weekend in\Frome. Therefore, I was extremely excited to explore more of the city, with Mr Flluskey. What a joy to play at being residents for three nights, staying our own central Bath apartment, Julian’s Place a StayBC property.

Julian’s Place

Check In

COVID-19 has many things to answer for, and the closure of some pubs in Bath was quite an annoying one. As well as the Star Inn, with its real fires in every room, the pub we were to pick up our keys from was also dark and unoccupied. The instructions were to pop in, grab the keys and then drive ten minutes or so to Julian’s Place. Seeing the pub was empty, we called StayBC and they tried to get in touch with the staff who weren’t around. A StayBC representative hopped in their car and drove the keys over to Bath so we could get in.

Thinking we had time to spare, we took some snaps at the Royal Crescent which was just a two-minute walk from the flat but then spent thirty solid minutes trying to find a parking space. There are lots around the area but they are either for permit holders or have a time limit of two/three hours. This is fine for unloading for the flat but you can’t stay there longterm. We fell foul of the free parking on a Sunday. Arriving on a Saturday night, everyone had already claimed all the spaces, ready for their day of free parking.

We eventually gave up and took the car to Charlotte Street Car Park, ten minutes away. It was around £11 a day to park.

The Bedrooms

There are two bedrooms at Julian’s Place a StayBC property but room for five guests in:

  • Two in a big double bedroom
  • One in a small single bedroom
  • Two on a sofa bed in the front room

Although we didn’t try out the other beds, we did have a little lie down on both and they were all nice and comfortable. The pull out sofabed was a firmer mattress which is worth bearing in mind if that is your thing.

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The Master Bedroom

We took the double bedroom, which had a very distinctive sloping wall. As this is a flat at the top of a house, this must be the roof. I really like this wallpaper as it gave the room great personality but Mr Fluskey wasn’t so sure.

The room is a good size, with a few cute additions like a chaise lounge and little side table. It was nice to have room for our luggage and to get ready without getting in each other’s way.

Don’t rush me!

There is a wardrobe, but it has extra blankets etc inside so it isn’t really practical for hanging clothes.

On one wall is a fireplace, which is a nice aesthetic focal point. They have made the most of it with a round mirror, reed diffuser and cute inspirational motto ornament. It was nice to have some greenery in the room but I would have preferred real plants. I don’t know how easy that would be to maintain though so these artificial pops of green in this room and around Julian’s Place are fine.

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The bed was a normal double so fine for a couple, or a real treat for a single traveller. It was nice to have two big pillows each, making it feel more luxurious than out double at home. The mattress was perfect for me, firm enough so you don’t sink in, but with enough give to sleep on my side. The addition of the fluffy blankets made it feel so cosy. We loved the mini chocolate on arrival, just popped on our towels. It instantly made us feel a little bit special.

The Bathroom

There is one bathroom in the flat, up on the second floor. It was quite compact but the warm colour of the tiling makes it feel oddly cosy. It would be a nice place to relax in the bath, especially with a chilled bottle of wine on the handy bath shelf.

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It was nice to have some miniature products, making it feel more like a hotel experience (plus, its one less thing to pack).

The shower was over the bath, and we were both impressed at how good it was. The rainfall head was strong and hot and didn’t spray over the bathroom floor as I was scared it would.

The bathroom wasn’t that big but it was great for a couple. I think it would be a struggle for five people if everyone wanted to get ready for the day or a night out at the same time, especially as it the only space with a full-length mirror. Putting up some more mirrors would be an easy fix for this.

Living Spaces

The Personality

Around Julian’s Place, you will see some interesting traditional details. I was especially taken with the two stained glass windows. The first in the small bedroom, and the second between the stairway and kitchen. These, along with the wooden stairs and cupboard, plus the odd creaky floorboard, brought the history of the flat to life.

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The Front Room

The front room of Julian’s Place was a pleasantly cosy place to be. The furniture was two different kinds of green and slightly velvety, giving it a traditional British feel. This was further brought in by the feature wall which was an almost slate colour.

LOVE this feature wall

In this room, again, we had a nice fireplace. It was a shame that it was blocked up but then, I wouldn’t trust guests not to burn the place down either! There were a couple of soft, furry blankets which I loved hiding under in the evening. Having a large L=shaped sofa, and big armchair, I think there was room enough for a family of five.

The big TV was wonderful for a partially sighted guest and meant we could curl up and watch a film. This is when we really felt at home.

The Kitchen

The kitchen/dining is a great size. You could easily have five people mingling in here, cooking and cracking a bottle of something fun, with room to spare. The fridge freezer was big enough for a few day’s worth of food and drink for a family which meant all the food we brought from London, and subsequently collected over our three day stay fit easily.

There are spare chairs in the cupboard just outside the kitchen

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In the kitchen, there was everything we needed to prepare a meal. Crockery, glasses galore,  and an oven plus hob to cook on. We ate out most of the time but made breakfast every day and the huge chopping block became an excellent base for our cheeseboard. As well as the utilities like the oven and microwave, there was also a washing machine, good for long term stays.

I am a coffee fiend so it was great to see the tea and coffee options. There was a cute little stand with tea bags, instant coffee sachets, milk sachets and biscuits (yum). This meant we could have a cuppa as soon as we checked in to unwind from the drive. There was also a fancy coffee maker. Alongside the coffee maker, were the pods. They were all flat whites and this made a great start to the day.


The kitchen opens out onto a balcony and I bet it is wonderful to have these doors open on a long summer evening.
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If you are planning a trip to Bath, here is some info you might like to know:

  • StayBC manages properties in Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Weston-Super_mare, Newport and Barry. Each has its own personality so it worth taking the time to look through each property’s page and video to see what suits you.
  • Bath is very easy to reach from London. The journey on Great Western Trains between London Paddington and Bath Spa takes around 1 hour 20 minutes. It is between 2 hours 30 min and 3 hours by road.

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Final Thoughts on Julian’s Place a StayBC Property

Julian’s Place definitely feels like staying at somebody’s house rather than an apartment hotel. Its creaks and quirks are what gives it charm. It would be perfect for a couple or small family, as there is plenty of room in the large kitchen and front room but it might feel like a bit of a squeeze in the bathroom for a party of five.

Staying at Julian’s Place, you really feel like you live in Bath. Stocking the fridge, cooking breakfast and sipping on hot, frothy coffee felt so cosy. It was a treat to curl up on a sofa and watch Star Trek on a rainy December evening, something you just can’t do in a hotel. We loved having our own place…even if they claim it’s Julian’s!

Rosie xx

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