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Loving London – Turbo Brunch at The Aeronaut

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London is swarming with bottomless brunches. They vary wildly in price and value for money. Some cost a small fortune and only serve alcohol for an hour, or an hour and half. At The Aeronaut, however, they offer two brilliant brunches, and the Turbo Brunch at The Aeronaut is, in our opinion the most exciting bottomless brunch in the capital!

This post was written in collaboration with The Aeronaut but all opinions are my own.

The Aeronaut

The Aeronaut in West London is an absolute gem of a pub. We have enjoyed many happy hours…and happy hours(!) with our friends in their garden or cabaret space. On Acton High Street The Aeronaut stands out as a shining beacon of quirkiness and fun.

On New Year’s Eve 2016, the pub suffered a large fire and we mourned the potential loss of a favourite haunt. (We loved it so much that it was in the running for our wedding reception venue). Happily, however, The Aeronaut rose like a phoenix from the ashes, even better than before! Thank goodness we still get to hang out there!

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Have you ever been for drunch? We adore a drunch session!! Still wondering what drunch is? Well, it is when you get drunk…at brunch. We know it is slightly irresponsible and our body clocks will be totally confused, but some of the nicest days I have spent with people have been over a lovely drunch. That is why I decided to celebrate my 32nd birthday at drunch with my nearest and dearest having Turbo Brunch at The Aeronaut.

Turbo Brunch at The Aeronaut

After comparing a huge list of bottomless options, the Turbo Brunch at The Aeronaut was a clear winner. Not only was the drinks policy nice a generous, but it sounded like a real blast.

During a jam-packed three hours, you get:

  • Your choice of brunch dish
  • Bottomless mimosas, beers or bloody marys
  • Games
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Performers

Each brunch is themed. We went for the Saved by the 90s brunch but there are lots more that are equally up our street.

  • When You Wish Upon a Brunch – Fairytale theme
  • It’s Britney Brunch – Everything Britney Spears
  • power Ballad Brunch – A Belter!
  • Spince Up Your Brunch – A Spice girls bonanza
  • Me Against the Music Brunch – Britney vs Madonna
  • More ideas to come soon I am sure!

First Impressions

We arrived a tiny bit late, as usual, and so most of my party were already there. We dashed into the main pub space, but it was totally empty. Loud music was leaking out from the cabaret space along with laughs, and whooping. We asked the bar where we were meant to be and they directed us into the cabaret room. It was our brunch that was so rowdy. Slightly shocked but super excited we head into the party. It was quite dark, with flashing lights and pumping music. It was sort of like a cheesy club night…awesome!!

The Food

One of the reasons I was so happy with The Aeronaut’s selection, is that they offer and a good vegan and veggie option. This meant an easy life for those of my friends who have specific dietary requirements.

Menu from The Aeronaut website

Everyone tucked into their options with gusto and I heard no complaints whatsoever about the quality of the food. Now, I am not going to lie. It was so dark that we really struggled to take photos of the food. They are a bit blurry and we had to lighten them up but lets call it ten for effort.

I have to have smoked salmon as part of my brunch celebrations and so I opted for the eggs royale. They were just perfect, with plenty of salmon to satisfy the birthday girl. However, it was halfway through the dish that I was informed that I wasn’t entitled to anything additional.

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At the Turbo Brunch, you can pick one dish. On that dish, you can remove things but not add anything. I was a bit disappointed as I was gearing myself up to nibble on some extra sausage but a few more mimosas cured that.

And speaking of mimosas…

The Drinks

Large jugs of mimosas were regularly brought out around the room set for top ups. We thought they were a little weak to start with, but I think they got stronger as the brunch progressed. I guess they didn’t want anyone getting too messy too early on.

Two of my party switched to beer and grabbed one from the bar every so often. These guys ended up a little more tiddly than everyone else, so maybe stick to mimosas or make sure to pace yourself!

I don’t think I saw anyone who had opted for the bloody mary option. I guess it is difficult to drink them in quantity

The Games

Throughout the brunch, there was a fun quiz going on. On the table, we had a few caption contest photos that we could fill out whenever we thought we were funny enough.

They also did a live quiz. Some TV themes, some movie quotes and other 90s quiz questions. Yours truly got two of the questions right. I was awarded a shot for my first correct answer, and my second…and I can’t stomach shots. I sipped the first but donated the second to my buddies. It was when I got the third one right that I realised I could opt for a non-alcoholic prize instead. I got a bag of mini Chupa Chups to share with everyone at my table.

The last game was a hilarious girls vs boys standoff. Each side had to pretend they were a band and out do the others. The whole room was on their feet in support.

The Performances

The entertainment was run by an awesome group of super energetic performers called Impossible Things. A huge shout out to Amy, Meg, Lynsey, Sean and Chris, you were a big bundle of fun! We got full boy/girl band songs and some fab solos. It was so much more than I was expecting and I was amazed at how much stamina these guys had.

The Party

By 2.5 hours in, we were all on the dance floor doing our very best Macarena! I can’t tell you how lovely it is to dance to cheesy music, with your friends, when you are still full of beans….literally! I am not going to lie, it was seriously surreal to know that the rest of the world was at the post office, or doing the grocery shop. We loved that it was still light outside! It is the only drunch that I have left not feeling super full and lazy. Instead, I was energised and buzzing.

The Macarena

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A Little Love

Make sure you go with some of your best buddies because they will make the day super special. Here are some just of the photos that we took that day in all their terrible blurry glory. I just couldn’t leave out my amazing friends.


If you are thinking of doing your own Turbo Brunch at The Aeronaut, here is some information you might like to know:

  • Turbo Brunch at The Aeronaut takes place on a Saturday. To check dates and themes, have a look at The Aeronaut website.
  • If you are looking for something a little more laid back, there is also the Lazy Brunch at The Aeronaut.
  • The Aeronaut doesn’t just do brunches, they also cabaret, comedy, BBQs and much., much more.

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Final Thoughts

We had the best time at Turbo Brunch. It is a shame it was turbo really as we could have partied for a few more hours. In fact, a group of us ended up in the pub’s main area until it was dark out. I can’t recommend it enough, especially as a funky alternative to an evening birthday party. Even if you don’t make it to one of their brunches, I can’t recommend this pub enough. It is seriously fun, quirky cool and they do a lovely pear and caramel cheesecake…(well, a birthday girl needed a birthday cake).

Rosie xx

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