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6 Ways to Find Out if You Are a Travel Addict

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Are You a Travel Addict? We definitely are! We often tell people that we are huge travel addicts. It’s partly a joke, but if you think about it, it does seem awfully similar to a more serious addiction.

  • Travel tempts people to get themselves into credit card debt or even to quit their jobs.
  • People sell their all their belongings to feed the habit and go on round the world adventures.
  • The post holiday blues is a brutal come down and not leaving the country for a month or two sends me into miserable withdrawal.
  • That said, the high is magnificent! It is mind expanding, can lead to a journey of self discovery and shows us the world in brighter colours….LSD for the millennial generation?

So how can you tell if you have been well and truly bitten by the travel bug?

1. A travel addict finds themselves shouting at the TV.

Whenever the TV talks about a specific destination, whether that is travel documentaries, relocation property programmes, even the news, I find my brain rattling through our past travels. Then, if it’s somewhere on our current travel radar, a form of Tourette’s takes over and one of two responses erupts



This excitement is almost impossible to obtain. If a section on a lifestyle show is set in a future holiday destination, the joy is almost overwhelming. You feel like recording it on your phone just to share it with the world. You start grinning and bouncing up and down on the sofa. Woe betide you if this happens in the cinema! You can’t shout or bounce and so an uncontrollable twitching takes over. You hit the person beside you who has to berate you silently. All in all, it’s a wildly inconvenient rush of adrenaline.

Mr Fluskey has even started doing this with t-shirts. In this way we very quickly realised that we need to visit the West Coast of the USA. The ones that we haven’t visited all seem to be in California or Vegas.

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2. A travel addict walks around the shops doing very unusual things to clothes.

If I were a security guard in a shopping centre, I’d be extremely interested in my curious shopping habits. Crunching up clothes, it looks very much like I am checking for hidden security tags. What I am actually doing, however, is checking three things:

  1. How badly does the fabric wrinkle? If I squeeze a top and it leaves creases immediately, it won’t survive the backpack.
  2. How heavy is the fabric? A heavy elasticated top or shorts with cute buckles, aren’t too bad but added together with the rest of your gear, it’s weight you don’t need. Plus, heavier fabrics take longer to dry, not ideal on the road.
  3. How well does the fabric compress? Now we all love a maxi dress, it looks nice in photos, makes you feel terribly classy and keeps you cooler than a mini skirt; but they take up an awful lot of room! I travel with hand luggage only, so space is quite a high priority. In my wardrobe are quite a few outfits that I love but they would take up my entire clothing packing cell so they are stay-at-home clothes.

I do the same thing with shoes. Are they breathable? Do they squish for packing? I went shopping for some wedges and my friends were looking on in bewilderment as I walked around each shoe section picking up shoes and putting them down without really looking at them. ” What are you doing,..?” Well I was weighing them of course. You can get some really light wedges, but some can be really heavy. If I take them away with me, it’s all about that hand luggage weight allowance!

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3. A travel addict’s house is full of weird currencies.

People always talk about digging down the back of the sofa for spare change. That never works in our house. Partly because we live in a world where wallets full of contactless cards have replaced back pockets full of loose change. The other reason being that none of the money laying about in the Fluskey household is in Pounds Sterling.

We have a few Croatian Kuna, plenty of Euros in coppers, one or two decorative Icelandic Krona and we even seem to have picked up coins from countries we have never even visited. These coins cannot be exchanged and so they sit, sad and unspent, waiting for us to return to these destinations.

4. A travel addict’s smart phone tells them about several different locations.

What does your weather app look like? Mine has a list of all the destinations that we are travelling to for the next year or so. I sit and lust after the sun when London is besieged by March drizzle, and laugh smugly if somewhere is even slightly colder.

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My converter app is similarly set up, showing the fluctuations in exchange rate for all our intended trips. In the same way, my email inbox is always full of deal emails. My constant searches for flights and hotels mean notifications from, Expedia and secret escapes are always telling me about different locations. “Still thinking of going to New York/Helsinki/Palawan? Don’t miss out!”

5. A travel addict never has just one adventure planned.

By this I don’t mean in your head. I have circumvented the globe, climbed Everest and road tripped Africa in my head. I mean in real life. Right now I have mini trips to Paris, Amsterdam, South Africa, Madeira and the Maldives planned.

Without these milestones on the horizon I would hit the blues…hard. Which leads us to the next point…

6. A travel addict never quite puts their travel gear away.

I adore packing (I know, I know, that’s weird!) I could pack and repack all day, it’s the anticipation of the trip ahead. Plus, I only take hand luggage and so my packing has to be carefully considered for a two week trip (that’s why my shopping habits are so odd).

Unpacking, however, is THE WORST! Unpacking signals the end of an adventure. On the road we barely ever stay in one place for more than three nights and so unpacking whilst we travel is very unusual.

So you’ve arrived home and you have to face the unpacking process. But wait, you are going away again for a long weekend in three weeks! Why bother? Your clothes get washed, but your bag is shoved half under the bed with your travel hairdryer and international plugs still stashed inside. Putting the travel gear away admits defeat, tells the world that you aren’t going away for a long, long time. That’s just too much to comprehend when you’ve only just got back and are in the throws of the withdrawal.

If you suffer some or all of these symptoms, you are inflicted with a travel addiction. To this day there is no known cure. You can plan future travels or write about your trip; the worst sufferers are known in the medical professional as travel bloggers.

Sadly, these aren’t cures, just ways to manage the affliction. The only way to solve your problem is to indulge it again, and again, and again.

“My name is Rosie, and I am a travel addict.”

“Hello Rosie” xx

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