2019 – The Plan

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2018 was a crazy year for travel. We dashed off on 9 holidays and spent, well, more than we should have on our adventures. We may have been the only people to have made a New Years resolution to travel LESS.

So what does 2019 hold for the Flying Fluskeys?

January/February – The Trans-Manchurian Railway

We have just one truly epic adventure planned for 2018 so far. We are heading to the frozen east. After flying to Shanghai, we are taking the train up to the Harbin Ice Festival. This annual extravaganza is a HUGE celebration of all things cold and wet!

From there, we are jumping aboard a train bound for Russia and, with a few stops, travelling all the way to Moscow and St Petersburg. As always, we are trying to squeeze three weeks worth of travel into ten intense days. There will be bad nights sleep, hectic city tours and lots, AND LOTS of snow!

March – Taiwan

After our plans had to change in December, we are giving a trip to Taipei a second shot. It is a wonderful chance to pound the streets, eat everything in sight and learn as much as we can about this exciting, dynamic island. Plus, we are going on a pilgrimage. We are going on a hunt for the original Din Tai Fung, one of our favourite dim sum restaurants.

Oh Din Tai Fiung, your xiao long bao are just so fabulous

June – Israel

We are joining forces with a friend who lives in Egypt, to explore some of Israel. It will be a relatively short trip, but we are hoping to visit Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, with one more spot, if we have time. I’m sure that this country, full of ancient history, will throw some uncomfortable truths at us, but I think it will be fascinating.

Time to see the Dead Sea from the other side perhaps?

June – New York

This one isn’t a guarantee, but we didn’t visit New York in 2018, and that bucks a five year trend. We are having NYC withdrawal.

In 2019, New York is hosting World Pride. The whole city will burst into rainbow and we want to experience a little slice of it. It may be a three day trip, it may be a week…it may not happen at all, but won’t it be fun if it does!?

September – A Something, Something.

September is the big unanswered question. We have time away from work, and traditionally we have done a big trip mid-month for a few years. However, this year the dates are slightly awkward so we don’t know if it’ll be a big trip, a little long haul trip or a sneaky European city break. If it were up to me, we would go somewhere nearby, pop back home to fulfil our work obligations, and then jet off again somewhere a little further afield.

October – Back to the USA

A good friend is getting married in Maryland and so we are heading Stateside to celebrate. This may be another chance to visit NYC, or take our first trip to Boston? We have been to DC twice, so I think we will skip that, but if you have any recommendations in and around Maryland, we would LOVE to hear them!

Been there, done that! Mind you, I didn’t get the t-shirt so maybe we should go back….?

So that is our year of travels.

Let’s face it, there is the distinct possibility there will be more trips than this. There will be if I have anything to do with it! I hope Mr Fluskey is ready, let the nagging begin!

Rosie xx



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