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A Bed in Ljubljana – B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park Review

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In 2023, we took a month-long Interrail trip through Europe. We revisited several favourite spots but decided we should see somewhere new, and settled on Slovenia. During our visit to Ljubljana, we stayed at the B&B Hotel, a chain we had never heard of before (of course now, we see it everywhere). Read on for our full B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park review

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We chose Ljubljana as a base for our few days in Slovenia and so needed a hotel with a great location. B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park is halfway between Ljubljana’s train and bus station and the old town. It was just ten minutes in either direction, making it perfect for carrying luggage and exploring the town. The hotel is in what looks like a tower block on a leafy housing estate. It is an old 1960s tower block but don’t let that put you off. Turns out the building next to it is full of pensioners (found out on a bike tour we took) and the park is very quiet. It is great to have nice high rooms with views over nearby buildings and many leafy trees.

A Look Around B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park

On arrival, I discovered a clean, modern interior with some fun touches of hipster decor. I had arrived solo from Salzburg and so checked in by myself with the very friendly reception staff. Mr Fluskey was due to arrive just a couple of hours later and he also had a wonderful staff interaction. We had both witnessed them slip seamlessly from one language to another…very impressive.

Our Room

There are  207 rooms, 1/3 are standard and the rest are superior. Our superior guestroom was lovely and large, with a wide entryway and plenty of room around the bed. On the way in was a large area for luggage, a kind of open wardrobe. Attached was a writing desk and a space that clearly used to house a mini ridge but this was no longer there (more on that later). By the bed, we both had plugs and USB sockets, a very welcome addition. We love a plug by the bed so three each was brilliant.

The colour scheme was a mix of calming neutrals and a funky geometric mural on one wall. It was bright with the big window and so the whole aesthetic was nice and airy.

The Bed

Our bed was a true double but set in the European style with two single duvets. We had become quite used to this by week three of our trip but it is something to bear in mind if you are used to sharing one bigger sheet. The mattress was quite firm which suits me but might not be to everyone’s taste. The pillows were very soft.

The Bathroom

The bathroom was reasonably sized with a nice large, walk-in shower on one side. It had a great rainfall head as well as a handheld one. I liked the patterned tiling which went well with the plainer frey tiles and wooden sink unit. We were provided with liquid soap in the shower and by the sink and a hair dryer in the bathroom too.


We continue our Hotel Ljubljana Park review looking at the food. On my first night, before Mr Fluskey arrived, I treated myself to a glass of wine in the restaurant. There were several people dining in there but I had eaten. I just had the €1.50 house wine and it was really quite delicious for the bargain price. I took a quick glance at the menu and there were plenty of popular international standards as well as local dishes (with locally sourced ingredients). There are good value set lunches and dinners alongside the a la carte.

The restaurant is split into two, with lots and lots of tables on offer. Some look out on a leafy section od garden and some have less of a view but more light. There were also a few tables outside of the frot of the hotel but it was a bit chilly during our visit to sit outside. I think it would be really nice to be outside in the morning to enjoy breakfast

…speaking of breakfast…


There was a decent spread at the breakfast buffet. Coffee came from either a filter coffee pot or a decent cappuccino machine. A particular highlight was the pancake machine. This automatic bringer of joy produced little pancakes somewhere between an American pancake and a tiny crepe. It was fun to watch them slowly trundle through the machine. However, you couldn’t leave them or some cheeky chap might nick your pancakes (as happened to a bereft Mr Fluskey). My tip is to grab a coffee first and enjoy it as you hover, syrup at the ready.

Guests could also choose from a selection of cereals, meats and cheeses, breads and pastries and even a salad bar. We were both very partial to the scrambled eggs. On our second morning I just had pastries and coffee but with all the pastries being o good, it was perfect.

The Roof

We were quite unfortunate with the weather with the weather during our Interrail trip. Despite it being May, usually well into summer on the continent, it was actually quite cold. We still popped up the roof to see what was up there and it was lovely! You could see how lush it would be to sit up here on a nice, warm evening with the fairy lights on and the sun setting through the large picture windows.

The Honey

On the other half of the roof are the hotel’s permanent residents. On the roof of the B&B hotel are four buzzy beehives. They are part of the Beepath program set up in the city and they have the best hives full of very productive bees. These precious pollinators gather nectar from the urban plants and produce 40kg – 57kg of rather tasty honey every year. If you are lucky, you’ll see some at breakfast.

As well as the beehives, there are a fair few more green initiatives. at B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park. They are genuinely trying to create a sustainable property; it isn’t just greenwashing.

  • They offer a discount to anyone that arrives by public transport. That’s 15% off for those arriving by train.
  • The mantra is, “Reduce, reuse, and recycle” and they encourage all guests to do the same with recycling bins in the lobby and reduced single-use plastics in the hotel.
  • Even the staff are given incentives to be greener with help to purchase electric vehicles and bikes.
  • Food waste is minimal and ingredients are locally sourced where possible.
  • The mini fridges from the rooms are gone, reducing energy usage massively for something that may or may not get used.

Final Thoughts for our B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park Review

Since we stayed at B&B Hotels we have started noticing them everywhere. We hope to see a lot more as we very much enjoyed our stay. It wasn’t pretentious, the rooms were lovely and large, the breakfast was great, the price was very affordable and the staff were so friendly! We hope you’ve enjoyed our Hotel Ljubljana Park review. We found it was the perfect blend of things that any flashpacker would need. (Plus free WiFi)!

Rosie xx

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