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The Best Travel Gear Under £10 – Pack Like a Pro

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Preparing for a trip can be an expensive business. You’ve probably invested in a fancy camera, and a costly backpack. Happily these budget buys can really get you packing like a pro. Whether they look great, are super clever or just really useful, these products have made a huge difference to the way we travel. Let us show you the best travel gear under £10.

Here is a small table of all the products we will be looking at. Below it you will find out why we think these are all great for travelling:

What Is It?What Does it Look Like?Find It On Amazon
A 10ft/3m Phone CableCheck Latest Prices Here
PopSocketCheck Latest Prices Here
Folding Phone ShelfCheck Latest Prices Here
Headphone SplitterCheck Latest Prices Here
Lip & Cheek StainCheck Latest Prices Here
Water BottleCheck Latest Prices Here
A 3D Eye MaskCheck Latest Prices Here
Atomiser BottleCheck Latest Prices Here
Packing CubesCheck Latest Prices Here
Silicone Bottles and Liquids BagCheck Latest Prices Here
Duct TapeCheck Latest Prices Here
Cable LockCheck latest prices here

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The Best Tech Travel Gear Under £10

A 10ft/3m Phone Cable

Yes, I know you own a phone cable already, but bear with me.

You probably have a bedroom set up that means you can use your phone whilst you are in bed and charge it at the same time. Now imagine, if you will, that your hotel/hostel room has a really poor set up and you can only charge your phone on the other side of the room. Wouldn’t it be nice to plug in your phone and know it can stretch all the way to your chosen lounging point? Not only that, but if you are in a dorm, you know that your phone is securely with you.

Click on the picture to see the latest prices

This serves two wonderful purposes.

  1. It turns into a phone stand so you can watch videos for hours without getting horrible hand cramp, or getting the shakes (very irritating for both you, and whoever you are watching with).
  2. It creates an anchor point for your hand, stopping you accidentally dropping your phone out of the window, into a puddle or clattering onto an unforgiving floor. This is really handy when you want to take a photo in a slightly precarious position.
Click on the picture to see the latest prices
Folding Phone Support

If you have decided that the 3m cable isn’t for you, then this will be your Best Buy. In some areas of world, prone to flooding, the plug sockets are quite far off the ground; some up to 1.5m. Using a folding phone shelf stops your phone having to sit on your bag, or dangle precariously from the socket. You could save a pound or two and buy a solid one but they are a NIGHTMARE to pack. The folding kind really save you space.

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Combine this with the duct tape and you have a wonderful phone charging station.

A wobbly picture on a wobbly Indian train
Headphone Splitter

This snowflake shaped headphone splitter may look a bit like overkill. Why would you need more than two slots? However, I recently justified purchasing this very model. On a four hour MegaBus trip, my three friends and I were all able to watch a film together (Captain Underpants….) each with our own set of headphones. Plus, if one point breaks, there are a few more to work through, meaning you don’t need to replace it so soon.

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The Best Travel Gear Under £10 for Health and Beauty

Lip & Cheek Stain

Who doesn’t love a 241!? Well this little bottle is the glamorous girl’s best friend on the road. Small enough to fit in your onboard liquids bag, but mighty enough to take you from day to night in a matter of seconds. This stain will give you rosy cheeks. It will also give you a pout that could go from “slightly bitten” to “siren scarlet” depending on how many coats you apply. You don’t need to use lots and it will last hours so if you are travelling long term, you are on to a winner!

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Water Bottle

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Water is good for you, we all know it but it is so easy to let good habits slip when we are travelling. Carrying a great quality, reusable water bottle means you can refill whenever a drink is available. This saves money and reduces your plastic usage.

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This particular model not only keeps cold things cold for 24 hours, but hot things hot for 12. Fill it with your coffee at breakfast and you can keep yourself warm all day.

A 3D Eye Mask

We need our beauty sleep, and if you are staying in a light-filled hotel room, trying to get some shut eye on a plane, or napping on a bus, you’ll need an eye mask. I have stacks of the cheap airline branded masks, but I always find the pressure on my face uncomfortable. The great thing about a 3D mask is that the foam is moulded to sit away from the eyes. This means it isn’t squashing your eyelashes, and actually keeps a great deal more light out than the more traditional design. Plus, they are adjustable so you can tailor the fit to make it even more comfortable.

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Perfume Atomiser

If, like Mr Fluskey, you like to smell fantastic on your travels, you will be familiar with the stress of trying to fit an awkwardly-shaped, heavy glass bottle into your bag. This is especially annoying when you are only carrying hand luggage and have to comply with liquids bag regulations. We both take our fragrance in these handy little bottles. They hold 6ml, and that gets you about 75 sprays.

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There are two kinds of atomiser bottles, one requires a pipette, and one pumps directly from a perfume bottle. We originally used the pump kind, but it is almost impossible to wash and one leaked mid-flight. Since purchasing the slightly more fiddly pipette filling es, we ave never looked back. Yes, it takes a little longer to fill but they don’t leak, you wash them and use a different perfume and they are cheaper…win, win, win. This set gets you three bottles and the little extras to go with them.

The Best Travel Gear Under £10 for Packing

Packing Cells

If you haven’t started using packing cells/cubes yet then get yourself this lovely cheap set and give it a go! Honestly, I would NEVER go back to packing without them. Packing cells allow you to keep your gear organised.

I lent mine to a friend and she said “They were the best things ever! I loved watching Lacey scrambling around in her bag for a specific top, and I was just like…ah, here are all my tops”. She looked pretty smug!

Click on the picture to see the latest prices

Not only that, but you can squeeze lots more into a small space by packing each little cube effectively.

Silicone Bottles and Liquids Bag

Many airports provide free bags, and that’s super but having your own, reusable bag is a very, very good idea! If you are only taking hand luggage/carry on, you need to know that all your liquids will fit. The proper zip with teeth, is a lot more robust than a flimsy zip lock bag, and so you will get a lot more in. That 5ml can make all the difference!

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We have chosen this particular set, as these silicone bottles are also a wonderful investment. We have been using them for a little over a year now and we haven’t had a single leakage incident! Silicone bottles are BPA free and the flexible body means they are incredibly easy to wash out for reuse. We won’t be going back to hard, plastic ones….time to switch guys!

The Best Travel Gear Under £10 That is Just Really Useful

Duct Tape

This may seem like an odd one but duct tape is one of those things that has proved its worth again and again! You can use it to:

  • Patch up holes in mosquito nets or screens.
  • Temporarily fix bags and other things that break just the wrong time.
  • To keep phone chargers and other bulky plugs in dodgy sockets.
  • And lots more. Once you start carrying it, you’ll find lots of your own.

The joy of duct tape vs other kinds of tape is that it easily rips off in beautiful straight lines. We have tape with sixties flowers on and it makes us smile so we thought we would find you a cool print. Duck Tape has loads but we love this universe print!

Click on the picture to see the latest prices
Combination Lock – TSA Approved

I’d always recommend taking a lock with you wherever you are off to. These locks can lock your bag for a flight and are TSA approved. That means that if you are travelling to, or passing through the USA, the travel security guys can access your bag without breaking the lock, the zip or your bag.

Click on the picture to see the latest prices

As these locks have a small cable, rather than just a metal ring, you have the flexibility to use them for lots of other things. You could use them to secure your bag to a pole on an overnight train or bus. You could also add the lock to your room or in-dorm locker for added security.

The best bit? Using combination locks means you never have to worry about losing the keys!

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Final Thoughts on Packing Like a Pro

We own, and use, a version of everything on list for our travels. Every single one is genuinely useful and we heartily recommend the lot. In no time, you will be packing like a pro!

Of course, this list is not the ball and end all. Have we missed any of the best travel gear under £10? Let us know and we would love to add it to the list!

Rosie xx

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  1. What a great list! Its amazing how many wonderful things we can get for small money! I really like those packing cells, I need to get some of those! And I love the idea with a duck tape! I would never think to take it with me but it really can be very useful one day!

  2. Packing cubes have totally upped my packing game! Im not on the pop socket train yet, but I do have a mini tripod for my phone that doubles as a little moldable stand and shelf.

  3. Love the list! I still need packing cubes, actually. I keep seeing fellow travelers use them and I guess I need to join the club. 😉

  4. This is such a great list. Seriously considering bringing the packing cubes into my life as everyone seems to like them. Also looking into getting a pop socket to replace my old iRing. Thanks for the info!

  5. These are great items to travel with! I have some of them and I sometimes travel with duct tape. It has so many purposes. I might invest into a folding phone support though…thanks for the tips!

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