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A Bed in Tofo Beach – Mozambeat Motel Review

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Tofo Beach (Praia de Tofo) is the lively heart of Mozambique’s casual tourism scene. From the town’s crescent of golden sand you can dive, surf and search for whale sharks (and even whales in the right season). Visiting Tofo Beah gives you not only some very cool experiences but some cool bragging rights too. During your stay, you will want to stay in somewhere just as cool; enter Mozambeat Motel.


Mozambeat Motel is set on a bluff 10 -15 minutes walk from the centre of Tofo Beach. It is not a very big town, so it feels quite out of the way, but 10 minutes walk really wasn’t far. It can be a slightly confusing walk when you first arrive as it is up a sandy track. We got a taxi from the bus drop off for our first journey. However, walking back into town, and from then on, the walk was really easy.

A Look Around Mozambeat Motel

Our Room

We were given the George Clinton Suite (yes, the funk guy) and apologies were made as it “Isn’t as nice a room”. Well, we loved it so the others must be pretty epic. It was a brick building with a thatched roof. It was the furthest from the main building and so no one needed to walk past. That meant a nice quiet stay.

In fact, all of the rooms at Mozambeat Motel are separate units which eradicates a hostels worst trait, noisy neighbours. Each room is named for a musical artist. I didn’t really know who George Clinton was, but from our sign, I realised that he was in an episode of How I Met Your Mother. OK, so my musical knowledge may be lacking, but my US sitcom knowledge is on point!

The George Clinton room has two double beds so it is ideal for two couples or close friends…or two people who like to have lots of room. The beds were nice and big, as well as very comfortable.

The beds

In the room, we were given a funky, Mozambican print bathrobe each. It was the addition of these little touches that elevated this above my expectations. On the shelves were bottles of drinking water and a book full of information. In the book, we read all about the hotel’s facilities and services, the local area and the activities that were available.

The details
The Bathroom

There was a downside to the bathroom. The wall didn’t reach the ceiling so you could hear everything that was going on in there from the room. As a couple, that isn’t so bad, but if we were four friends sharing…it may be a little too intimate. Mind you, if you have been travelling together or a while, you may have seen worse.

There was a nice collection of toiletries, again, something that I wasn’t expecting. These went down very well in the rain shower.

Bathroom sink
Other Room Options

As well as the kind of suite we were in, you will also have the option of:

  • A 10-bed dorm with an en suite bathroom. The dorm only has a fan but each bunk bed has a mosquito net.
  • Three tents with double beds, ideal for couples. There is an outside shower for these tents.
  • The private suites for 2 – 5 people. These all have air conditioning and an outside shower, as well as an outside area with a hammock/chairs. We were originally booked in one of these but had to change our dates.

There was also a separate bathroom block for those in the tents and dorms that was clean and well-maintained).

The Pool

A hostel with a pool? Yes, they do exist!

Here at Mozambeat Motel, there is a surprisingly big pool which Mr Fluskey enjoyed splashing about in. I was sitting on my sun lounger and enjoying my milkshakes too much to join him. I’ll tell you more about the milkshake later!

The pool has a swim up bar but I think it is only in action at high season.

The Main Building

Part reception, part bar, the bottom floor of the main building is a social space for all. It’s surprisingly well-stocked was a delight and I suppose, that is how they are able to host fun parties.

Colourful vibes

Upstairs from the was a common room with wooden tables and chairs, giant wooden sofas and even swing seats. It was a very nice place to relax. and thank goodness! Our second day in Tofo was a washout. A very unseasonable storm came and dropped the temperature, as well as s several inches of rain. Instead of sunbathing and surfing at the beach, we spend the day huddled under blankets on one the sofas, using and abusing the wifi. There are open sides to this area, and the wind made the corrugated walls rattle, but it was weirdly cosy with most of the hotel’s residents up there. Wednesday is movie night at Mozambeat Motel and so as the sun set, we snuggled down to watch Book Club.


Food Offerings

The food at Mozambeat Motel is a pretty international but with a Mozambican heart. You will find peri-peri chicken, and curries alongside the toasties, burgers and salads.

We ordered a prego roll (after seeing it on the Nando’s menu for so many years, i was curious). It was huge and so delicious. The Portuguese roll was really light and crunchy. Accompanying it were perfect chips. They were salty, crispy and totally moreish.; the perfect post-swim munchies.

During the chilly movie night, I had a big bowl of spaghetti bolognese. Comfort food time and it was just right. It came with a big handful of cheese on the top. It may have been a bit heavy in the heat but it was great for the cold, and for any homesick Brits! I also glugged down many a coffee to stay warm. Happily, their cappuccinos were great!

There was loads of fresh seafood on the menu, at a reasonable price, but we were on a budget kick and chose to spend our pennies on “the milkshake of joy” (its unofficial Flying Fluskey name).

“The Milkshake of Joy”

Now, I don’t want to oversell this, but Mozambeat Motel do a milkshake that is chocolate brownie and Amarula flavour. It is my favourite milkshake in the whole wide world and I want the recipe! I must have slurped my way through four or five in two days.

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4 Reasons to Love Mozambeat Motel

1.) The morning after services

Just let the reception staff know that you are suffering and they will being painkillers and a big bottle of water to you. You can also order breakfast in bed so you don’t have to leave your room. They are magical hangover fairies!

2.) The Friday night parties – These may be the cause of your hangover.

Every Friday is music night at Mozambeat Motel. The bar plays some epic tunes and anyone is welcome to join, you don’t have to be a guest.

3.) The Connections

Check the book in your room or ask the reception staff, and you’ll find out about the discount with Peri-Peri divers. This dive centre runs snorkelling, dives, courses, ocean safaris and lots of other water-based activities. Just for staying at Mozambeat Motel, you receive a discount.

4.) Did I mention the milkshake?

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Final Thoughts

If you are thinking of visiting Mozambeat Motel, here is some information you might like to know:

  • You can find the best prices and lots more information on the Mozambeat Motel website.
  • Tofo Beach is located  4.5 hours drive south of Mozambique‘s Vilanculos airport. You can also fly to Inhambane airport and then it is just 30 mins by road. There are direct flights to Vilanculos from Johannesburg with South African Airways or you could connect through Maputo with LAM.
  • We caught a bus direct from Johannesburg airport which took 16 hours. It was with a company called Tours2moz and was very easy!

Mozambeat Motel may be sold on hostel websites, but there are some touches which are much more like a boutique hotel. I wonder if the moniker “Motel” sells it a little short. I think that it is perfect for flashpackers. It has the fun and personality of a hostel, but those touches, plus the pool (plus the milkshake) bring it to a different level. It is a top choice for your stay in Tofo Beach!

This post is in collaboration with Mozambeat Motel, but all opinions, views and words are my own.

Rosie xx

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