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Thoughts on Turning 31

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Well, what a year it’s been, and suddenly I’m 31!

This time last year, I was lying on a beach in Sri Lanka, with a week old Instagram account and a raging sunburn.

This year I am lying on a beach in the Philippines (I’m sensing a pattern) and trying to avoid the same thing happening again.

So what’s changed from last year? (Other than my new 31 year old status). Well for starters, my trusty rainbow beach throw (that has been with me since 2009) has sustained a devastating rip!

What else?

My Home Highlights


This year we moved flats in London. This opened up a new area to us and meant we were just two minutes away from the Notting Hill Carnival. We took advantage of it and went for Mr Fluskey’s birthday. It also means I get to walk through Little Venice on my way to work.

I enojy this walk so much, I wrote about it! Check out Regent’s Canal Walk from Camden Lock to Little Venice

Secret Cinema

If you’ve never heard of Secret Cinema, then let me try and explain. It is an immersive live action experience based around the world of a particular film.

One half of our travel buddies Jazzy and I donned our corsets and delved into the world of Moulin Rouge. Cameras and phone are strictly prohibited so I have no photos, but let me tell you, it was phenomenal. We ran around, causing trouble, earning fake money with our comedy sex show, and generally getting stuck in. The whole evening culminated in a screening of the film with live action acting, song and dance taking place in and around the audience. I could have wept. It was an absolute top evening!

West End Live

Every year in London, the casts of shows from around the West End come together in Trafalgar Square for a two day celebration of everything theatre. There are stalls, performances from all the big (and small) shows and even a jolly Pimms van.

Mr Fluskey, a friend and I spend a very happy few hours sitting in the sun (and occasional drizzle) singing along to our favourite songs. Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, Book of Mormon, Kinky Boots and so many more, all for free!


I was lucky enough to take part in not one, but two gay pride parades. In July, it was London and a month later, I was parading through Brighton, my home town. (Read about the experience here).  These were so much fun, as well as being a million more times exhausting than I expected them to be! I really hope I can do it again next year.

Champagne Tasting

In November, Mr Fluskey and I hosted a blind bubbles night to raise money for RNIB (the Royal National Institute for the Blind). We put eight of our friends in blindfolds and fed them eight different kinds of sparkling wine from £40 champagne to £6 prosecco. All but one of us completely failed at the tasting notes but we had lots of fun pretending we knew what we were talking about.

Then we played prosecco pong. This is very much like beer pong, but with less rules and more bubbly wine!

My Travel Highlights

Our travels have taken us to Egypt, San Francisco, New York, Germany, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jamaica, Hong Kong, South Korea and now the Philippines.

Our Balloon Ride

I finally got to take the skies in a hot air balloon in Egypt and it was blooming amazing! (read all about it here)

South Korea

Not only did we get to see our friend who has been teaching in South Korea for a few years, but she was the most excellent hostess! She introduced us to her friends, taught us all about the wonder that is Korean food (check that post out here) and kept us entertained until 8:00am! I can’t tell you the last time I managed a night that long. It started in a bar where we guzzled street food, then another bar, then karaoke until the sun came up. Bliss.

Waking up the next day with a hangover…less blissful, but we still made it out to go up Seoul Sky in Lotte World Tower

Halloween in New York

My bucket list got a lot shorter this year (well actually, that’s not true. It has just got different things on it now). In 2017, I finally made it to New York’s famous Halloween parade.

Mr Fluskey, travel buddies Kendam, and I all dressed to the nines and took NYC by storm. Check us out:

  • Jigsaw from Saw
  • Alice in Wonderland being attacked by playing cards
  • Elphaba (the Wicked Witch of the West)
  • A sexy pumpkin

It was a bit crazy trying to get anywhere near the parade but we still had a really fun time that night and taking in the sights by day.


What a relaxing and fun holiday. It coined our new catchphrase “Unbelievable”! We went with our travel buddies Jazzy and Mr Jazzy was very quickly nicknamed Jesus.

Every time the entertainment staff spotted him, the cry of “JESUS” went up around the pool. It must have been quite alarming for the other guests, but it was hilarious for us!

My Blog Highlights

Over the last year, I have really, truly adored writing Flying Fluskey. There is so much more involved than I realised, but at the heart of it, I am sharing my passion with anyone who chooses to read about it. (I am resisting the urge to use a heart emoji here).

So a year on at 31, I am actually still getting the same number of views as in my first few months but that’s fine. I am part of a few blogging groups and let me tell you, some of those people are getting zillions of hits a month. This does lead to me to mini episodes of self doubt, but then I write some more and remember that it’s not about numbers. Saying that, I’d like to thank you SO MUCH for reading my ramblings.

I am really looking forward to seeing where this blogging journey leads me being 31. Up to new heights, or round the bend?

Stay tuned to find out what 31 means for me!

Rosie xx

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