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A Bed on Tofo Beach – Liquid Dive Adventures Review

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If you are visiting Tofo Beach (Praia de Tofo) in Mozambique, chances are you have come for the beach. Sure, you could lie and bake on the sand all day, but if you really want to make the most of this wonderfully laid-back retreat, you’ll need to slip below the waves. We decided to do just that and found out that the company we decided to dive with also had their own accommodation. We booked in for two days. Keep reading to find out all about our time with Liquid Dive Adventures.


You couldn’t get much closer to the beach than Liquid Dive Adventures. Just steps from the sand, and just five minutes from the central market of Tofo Beach, Liquid Dive Adventures has an enviable location.

This was the view from our patio doors.

A Look Around Liquid Dive Adventures

Our Room

Now I wasn’t expecting to come across Scandi-style simplicity in Mozambique but the clean lines and monochrome paint scheme of Liquid Dive Adventures was just that. Each block (we were in no.8) runs perpendicular to the beach. Our patio doors opened to the surf and our own sunbeds..not that we had time to use them!


Gosh, I am a sucker for trendy lamp!

The interiors were very simple with concrete walls and floor. At the back of the room, there were two large shelves for our bags. The first time we tracked sand into the room this all made sense. Much easier to keep it out of a concrete-floored room and the bags out of sand’s way! There was good air-conditioning but if you are after a more natural experience, you could always just open the doors onto the beach and have the mosquito net down over the bed. The colour scheme was all black and white which I thought was very classy and made a lovely contrast to the bright beach colours through the doors.


The bed had quite thin mattresses, more like foam pads and it two of them pushed together. We don’t mind that but I know it can upset some couples. I was surprised at how comfortable I found it. It was a real wrench to get up horrifically early to leave it…more on that later.


Again, simplicity is the word here. There was a small sink, a toilet and shower. The shower was strong and hot, perfect for a post-dive scrub. There was soap provided but no other toiletries. To be honest, with all that sun, sand and sea water, you will probably want to bring some more specialist toiletries anyway.

The shower wasn’t dirty, just in need of a lick of paint.

My issue with the room was the windows that run along the top of the wall. There is no way to block light out. I am an awful sleeper unless it is very dark, so if I didn’t need to be up early for a dive or the like, then this would definitely disturb me.

Reception and Dive Area

Unlike most hotels, the reception at Liquid Dive Adventures is always buzzing with activity. You are more likely to see someone dashing through in a swimming costume than a bell boy uniform tough. This is mission control for all of the excursions that Liquid Dive Adventures offers. There is a white board that is in constant use, mapping dives, explaining procedures and for general doodling.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Swimming Pool

OK, so there is a pool but it not always available for leisure use. It is used for diving instruction, and so you are more than likely going to find streams of bubbles popping on the surface. Lurking below are the students practising the skills required to earn those PADI certifications. However, you can lounge around it all day, and with the sea just a two-minute walk down the sand, you can cool off easily whenever you need to.


The restaurant on site is called Happi Restaurant, open for breakfast and staying open for food until early evening. The menu at Happi is focused on healthy vegetarian and vegan fare. Every day, alongside their delicious permanent dishes, they have several specials and these are always fresh and interesting.

After a morning’s diving, I always want something hot and salty, so I opted for the vegan burger. Everyone was ordering the salad, which looked great, but I’m just not that kind of girl! The burger was tasty, with a very flavourful filling and an epic Portuguese-style bun but I missed a sauce element. I guess that vegan mayonnaise isn’t a thing yet.

Unfortunately, we had to leave early in the morning, 04:30 to be exact(!), so we didn’t get a chance to try the breakfast. I was particularly sad about this as the pictures on TripAdvisor show delicious looking waffles, pancakes, fruit and cream. If only we didn’t have to catch that minibus!

Don’t believe us? Don’t just take our word for it, Happi is incredibly well rated on Tripadvisor.


We did two different activities with Liquid Adventure Dive.

Ocean Safari

There was simply too much write about the ocean safari so I did a whole separate blog post about it:

To read all about our amazing ocean safari and why we loved swimming with whale sharks in Mozambique then just follow this link…there is a video and everything! 


We started the day as a big group, all jumping into the same boat. However, when we reached the Salon dive site we were split into smaller groups, each with their own guide. This is the first time we have had this experience and it was a lovely way to dive.

Our guide Bryan, who also checked us in, was a lovely guy who took great care of us. We enjoy diving but we are definitely fair weather divers. You won’t find us squeezing into wetsuits and plunging into the freezing North Sea just to keep our log book full. This means that we are always a bit nervous when we strap on our gear again. He made us feel totally comfortable, along with the support staff at the hotel.

The coast of Mozambique is one of the best dive in Africa. The water is warm, visibility is good (most of the time) and the flora & fauna is interesting. We hadn’t done that much dive research and so we didn’t really know what there was to see. We were pleasantly surprised.

Fish darted in schools amongst the rocks and they came in all shapes and sizes. We also saw a small stingray that flapped lazily away from us. He really wasn’t bothered about us, but I enjoyed seeing him very much.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At one point Bryan spotted a nudibranch (pronounced nudey- brank) and excitedly brought us over to have a look. These sea slugs come in hundreds of different variations, each a different colour, pattern and shape. They are known as the Pokemon of the sea. Gotta catch ’em all! (Although, please just leave them where they are, so maybe “Gotta spot em all!) I’m not going to lie, my rubbish eyes failed me, as they so often do whilst diving, but I did snap a picture of the luminous green chap to have a closer look at later.

This quality is pretty bad, but this guy was TINY

I had to look at more of these little guys and came across this video. They are SO weird and I understand why he got excited now.

We all joined up to do our safety stop. This is normally my least favourite but if a dive, it is usually pretty dull. However, on this dive, Bryan was teaching us little tricks with bubbles and Mr Fluskey discovered he could do underwater to do somersaults so I was kept entertained.

Spot the upside down idiot!

We were on a beginners reef but if we were more experienced, or had more time, we would have visited a dive site with a better chance of seeing larger sea creatures (turtles/sharks etc)


If you are considering a diving trip to Tofo Beach, then here is some information you might like to know:

  • To see the best deals and more information about Liquid Dive Adventures then Liquid Dive Adventures website.
  • Liquid Dive Adventures offers lots of diving options from fun dives to full PADi courses and even free diving.
  • If you don’t want dive, you can do an ocean safari, kayak or sailing boat trips.
  • The fasttest way to reach Tofo is by plane. Flights arrive at Vilanculos (4 hours drive away) and Inhambane (45 mins drives) daily. The best jumping off point in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • For a longer but cheaper option, Tours2Moz runs a minibus directly from Johannesburg airport to Tofo Beach.
  • For those on a tight budget, you can get local buses from South Africa to Tofo, via Maputo.

Final Thoughts

We have been to scuba camps/resorts before but one so trendy as this. Liquid Dive Adventures is an intriguing mix. Part North European simplicity with its clean lines and monochrome styling and part laid back beach hangout. Paired with delicious fresh food, and enthusiastic staff and it becomes rather addictive. We would have liked to stay much longer, dived a lot more and taken in a bit more Mozambican sun. Maybe one day we will get the chance to return? I do hope so!

This post was in collaboration with Liquid Dive Adventures but all opinons are entirely our own.

Rosie xx

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Satying right on Tofo Beach in Mozambique is a real treat. Need somewhere to stay? Look no further than Liquid Dive Adventures #mozambique #tofobeach #praiadetofo #liquiddiveadvetures
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